What’s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and welcome to the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to talk about why you should treat your back pain like a bullet wound…

Hey everyone a few weeks back a man visited my office we can call him Bob. Bob is a white middle-aged 45-year-old male who sells insurance. He is married with two children and his kids drive him crazy at least that was what he was telling me ha ha!!  He told me he would rather be doing something else so he can spend more time with his wife and kids and enjoy being a father instead of being run ragged. He was wearing khaki pants, brown loafer shoes and a blue shirt and tie. He looked very sad and just like he had given up on life.

He told me that for two years now he had been suffering from back pain. When I asked him if he did any exercise, were using a standing desk or had visited any other back pain specialist during these two year he just looked at me. He told me I don´t have time for any of that. I spend 80% of my time at work and the rest with my wife and kids. He continued to tell me that he just wanted me to crack his back and loosen up his tight back muscles.

I told Bob that if he wanted to heal his back pain he needed to treat it like a bullet wound. He looked up at me with a surprised look on his face. He asked me what do you mean? A smiled and told him let me explain.  

If you got shot what would you do?

You would go to the ER.

No questions asked. No other ideas would come to mind. You got shot. You NEED to get medical attention.

What’s this got to do with your back pain?

Well it’s unlikely that you treat your back pain like a gunshot wound.

You probably treat it like fixing a squeaky door. You’ll get to it “someday.”

You say things like:

-I’ll do it when I’m not so busy.

-I can’t afford it right now.

-I don’t have time.

But would you ever say that about a bullet wound?

Hell no!

You would deal with it immediately.

-You would make the time.

-You wouldn’t care how much it cost.

-You wouldn’t go to the ER “someday.”

Now I know your back-pain problem isn’t as serious as a gunshot wound.

But you need to treat it like it is. Just imagine how quickly you’d heal your back pain if you took it as seriously as being shot.

You´ll achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

So you have 2 options:
1. Deal with it “someday.” Wait for the perfect moment when the universe makes everything happen for you to take action. (Hint: that ain’t gonna happen.)


2. Treat your back pain problem like a gunshot wound and do something about it NOW.

The choice is YOURS.

You can put a Band-Aid on or just ignore this issue altogether… We can do something about it today and take action.

Every day you wait is a day you’re not moving toward your goals. I hope this helps. I appreciate you guys, and guys remember you´re just one step away from healing your Back Pain…

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