BPS #007: Mindset To Successfully Heal Your Back Pain

Hey guys, this is Robin. Wake him from the back pain secret podcast. And today I’m going to talk about the easy way to heat your back pain. Okay? Okay. To give you guys a bit of a backstory, uh, I’ll be working as a physiotherapist for almost 25 years now. At about 22, 23 years back, I had a very serious back injury playing ice hockey and from then on I’ve been studying back pain. Uh, I went to physiotherapy university for six years. I built this big physiotherapy plays for back pain, wrote a book and um, I’m trying my, my goal in life is to help 1 million people heal their back pain without drugs or surgery. Okay. That’s a bit of background about me and not this today’s problem or today’s a question I have. You know how to ease your back pain easy. It’s a sexy title, right?

And you, you get interested in that, but it’s not like some, some strange exercise or anything. It’s actually a bit of psychology. And to give you guys a bit of a backstory around this. I’m going to tell you a bit of a historian. I have had a, had a patient just recently, like two weeks back, we can call him John to protect the innocent, right. We don’t want to and hanging out, hanging out there. So John, it was, he was about 50 years old, Yo, a bit overweight. He had eh, working like a middle manager somewhere and he had been suffering from back pain almost four or five years now. And he had back pain in his lower back. He had radiation down his left and right leg. Uh, he had a problem standing up for too long. Okay. He needed to move around quite a bit.

He was sleeping between two to three hours and then he woke up, he needed to sit up and just move around a bit and then go to bed again. It was a big problem for them, you know, and it told me that he’d been around to a lot of different other therapists too, and he got all kinds of programs and help. And he told me, you know, it’s not really their fault. I know that, that, that I’m not doing what they’re telling me to do and it’s because I’m, I’m a good starter, but I never finish the stuff that, that I, that I, that I get into, you know, and he, he told me it’s not just his back pain, it could be any project. He was telling me that he, he, he was doing some renovation at home, you know, he started to paint the wall and then he started to do something else in another room and it never got done, you know, and also at work, he had all of these different projects that he started, but he never finished them.

It was an ongoing problem in his life that he’s been, he’s been suffering from for many years. And He, and he, he told me that he, uh, where you can actually see it when it, when it was in here, it was, he was a big man, you know, over six, six feet, you know, and anyway, w came in, he was, he stood up and he was like walking quite, quite straight up then, but when he starts to talk about this stuff, you know, you could see that his, his shoulders started to Slouch, his head, like, just move down. And he was almost a shame to talk about it. You know, this was a grown man. He’s in his 50s, he’s been around for a few years. And, uh, the big problem he had was that he didn’t trust himself okay. To follow through on stuff. And this is a very common problem that many people struggle with, myself included, especially when I was, uh, just starting out and getting going.

You know, in life in my twenties, I started a lot of this stuff, but I never finished it until I learned this. Okay. That I’m just going to, I’m going to tell you, sue and I don’t get me wrong guys, I still screw up once in a while, you know, and uh, but at least I know what I’m doing wrong and I also know the steps I need to do to, to correct my, my, and uh, the, the way, what I need to do, right? So first off, guys, if you’re, if you have any recognition around this problem and you feel like, yeah, I also have a problem to finish stuff, I’m a good starter, then get a piece of pen and get a pen and a piece of paper and write this stuff down, okay? Because this is gold, okay? Number one, if you’re trying to achieve a goal, and this could be any gold, but we’re talking about back pain now Cain.

So let’s say you’ve had back pain for five years and you want to reduce that, or he’ll it altogether your big goal, that’s your big goal. But in order to reach your big goal, you need to divide that gold up to smaller goals. So if you’re sleeping, let’s say for maybe three, two to four hours a night, okay? Your first goal should be, I’m going to be able to sleep. I want to be able to sleep five hours consistently. Meaning I’m not waking up, I’m not standing up in the middle of the night and walking around and came. That’s an easy gold and that you can time that as well. Okay? So put that down on a piece of paper. Number two, like I said, you need to write it down. That’s, that’s the second step. You need to write these goals down, okay? So the first goal is to sleep five hours consistently.

The second goal could be a, if you’re not doing any exercises at all today, that you should be walking for a half an hour a day, okay? Half an hour a day walk seven days a week, write that down. That’s easy. You can time that as well. Okay. And number three, something that, that, uh, you also, it’s easier to time. You should stand up at work for half an hour, 30 minutes every day. Okay. So it’s three very easy goals. Okay. First off, you want to be able to sleep for five hours consistently. Okay? Number two, you want to be walking for 30 minutes a day. And number three, you should be standing up for 30 30 at your, your your desk at work as three easy goals. So what do you do? You put that down on a piece of paper and you put that up on your bathroom mirror actually.

Okay? So every time you go into the bathroom, you see that, okay? And if you think this is childish and you think, Hey, I’m above that, I’m not two years old. Okay, well fine, go do it your way then. Okay? But if you, if you have a problem following through, this is a good way to, to get, get over that hurdle in your life. Okay? So play, play around with me, okay? Keep your mind open. So get that piece of paper with those goals that you’ve divided up dot. Just very, it’s quite easy goals, you know, and you want to keep these, the, the, the goal is very easy. Small steps. Okay? So you put it, put them up there. Number three, what you do, you tell your surroundings, and specifically you tell people that are positive and love you, okay? Don’t tell people about your goals.

That will knock you down, okay? And and that are negative because that’s just going to drag you down. You need to surround yourself and also share your goals with people that are positive, very, very important. Number four, also a very important step is you need to to create a trigger for this action, okay? So for example, in the morning, after you brush your teeth, you know, every morning after your brush, your feet, teeth, you go out for your walk, okay? It’s a good trigger is not like you know what you’re supposed to do. Another trigger trigger could be when you visit the bathroom, okay? You do some breathing exercises. Every time you go into the bathroom, you do five deep breathing exercises and you do this in order to calm your, your, your, your nerves, calm your system and just relax a bit. And it’s a good trigger because you usually your visit the bathroom a few times a day, okay?

So get a good trigger. Number five, if you missed or, or you, you, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do two times in a row, sit down, take it easy, don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens to all of us. And what you do is that you, you, you, you choose another trigger, okay? You do another trigger. So for example, for the breathing exercise I was telling about the bathroom, for some reason it’s not getting done. So every time when you go to bed, you choose another trigger. You, you lie down and then you do your five deep breaths before you go to sleep, okay? That’s just, just switch or around, okay? Okay guys, it’s about it. But I hope that if you’re the type of person and that you’re a good star, but you don’t finish stuff, this is an easy way to, to, uh, help you with that, to get you over that hurdle and what, what it was do, it will create confidence in yourself, okay?

That you know that you can depend on yourself to get shit done, okay? Most people have problem with this. You know, everyone’s a good starter. You get this motion that you’re really, really, ah, everything. You know, you feel the excitement, but then you don’t follow through. And what happens if you consistently do this over time, you’re going to to s two. You start to doubt yourself, okay? You start to doubt yourself and, and Eh, you don’t take on stuff because you know that you’re not going to follow through. It’s a horrible way to live, okay? Let’s keep it simple. Divide your goals up, be around positive people and give it a try. Okay? That’s it for today. And guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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