BPS #012: : How To Eliminate “Time Vampires” In Your Life To Heal Your Backpain…

What’s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and welcome to the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to talk about How To Eliminate “Time Vampires” In Your Life To Heal Your Backpain…

Hey everyone. This is Robin, and I am actually working very late tonigt. It is almost ten o´clock at night, but I´m working a late night tonight, because sometimes that´s what you´ve got to do. I´m taking my family for a short trip tomorrow so I´m heading out to a late-night session at the office to get some stuff done so I can relax and have some fun with my family for a few days.

I´ve been thinking about “time vampires” a lot today. The urban dictionary defines the word “time vampires as: “something or someone who literally sucks your time like a vampire sucks blood.”

I am also feeling a bit stressed and irritated because during the last month I have let two “Time Vampire People” Into my life that have made me waste my time, created chaos for me a few of my employees.  First time I meet these two people I could tell that they were professional time vampires and I knew exactly what I needed to do in order not to get sucked into their time-wasting chaos.

However, these two “time vampires” are a part of a business deal I am working on but also good friends with one of my close personal friends. So, in order not to upset my friend I have not acted with full force as I usually do when I come across time vampires.

The two most common time vampires are:

1. Work Life Time Vampires

Their attack takes many forms. Perhaps they send you emails or maybe they stop by your desk and casually ask: “Hey you gotta second?” or “Can I ask you a quick question? It will only take a few minutes.” Then they proceed to go on and on. Before you know it an hour has gone by and they are nowhere near finished asking for your help.

2.Personal Life Time Vampires

You just walked into your home after a long day at work and your phone rings. The second you answer “hello,” your friend immediately begins to babble on about — who knows what? The next thing you know you’ve been on the phone for an hour — and the time you were going to spend talking to your family, reading your new book or cleaning out your closet is lost.

I encourage you guys and give you permission to “Eliminate Time Vampires In Your Life” Doing this will reduce your stress level, make it possible for you to spend your time on things that are important to you for example spend more time with your family, working out every day etc. Doing this consistently will help you reduce your back pain.

Over the last few years I put together a short list over how I handle time vampires that come into my life. I have also trained my employees how to handel time vampires and doing this has simplified all of our life’s, increased productivity and reduced the stress level in our life’s. We are not perfect and still mess up but just being aware of these “Time Vampires” and trying a few of my secrets how to handle them will most likely reduce your back pain.

Secrets #1

Just say NO!  How you ultimately use or misuse your time is up to you. The ability to say “no” to a request for something because it will negatively impact your ability to get your work done — and here is the operative phrase

“Tell your colleague you are facing a time constraint and once you have completed your task, you will be more than happy to help them — if your time permits”   

Secret #2

Stop going to meetings that don’t have agendas. If you skip creating an agenda, then your meetings can quickly go off track, get hijacked by a random topic, or include people who shouldn’t be attending.

Secret #3

There is a famous quote from an old dude called Herbert Swope that goes like this:

“I can’t give you a sure formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.”

Again, you guys, just take care of your time. It’s your only precious commodity that you have. Protect it. Don’t let people suck it. Don’t let people be time vampires and suck it up. Be very protective of it. I hope this helps. I appreciate you guys, and guys remember you´re just one step away from healing your Back Pain…

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