BPS #014: You don´t Have Any More Back Pain Excuses

Hey what´s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and Welcome to the back-pain secrets podcast. Today I am going to talk about why it is important that you cut the crap and stop giving yourself back pain excuses.   

Good morning, everyone. This is Robin Wakeham again, from the “BackPainSecrets” podcast. For me, the weekend just ended. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m rebounding from winter today, and I’m actually wearing shorts to work, so I’m excited.
I want to talk about something that’s on my mind a lot. Why are you still experiencing back pain?
You have probably read lots of other books or seen many back experts to get rid of your back pain.

It leads us to the obvious question: Why are you still in pain then?
Yes, I’m asking you! Why are you still in pain after all of this? It could of course be due to a number of reasons, but after having worked as a back expert for approximately 20 years, I’ve seen one reoccurring cause time and time again with my patients. It’s most likely the same cause that’s behind your back pain too. Instead of telling you right away, I’d like to tell you about a patient.

This is how our first meetings went:
1. He came fifteen minutes late – got angry because I said it meant we had less time because of this.

2. He didn’t bring any paperwork – including copies of medical records.

3. His phone rang and he picked it up. He spoke for a long time.

4. After the conversation he demanded that I start fixing his back immediately – no examinations were needed!

5. When I asked about his medical history, he brought up that he broke his pinkie finger when he was 6, and every ailment since.

6. Upon being asked what the problem was, he first claimed that the pain was in his lower back. Then further up too. And over his shoulder blades and between them, along his arms, down to his hands, a little in his fingers, over the front of his body and down his legs. In the end: “It hurts everywhere!”

7. He couldn’t tell me how much it hurt – on a scale, he was off the charts.

8. He had been to a multitude of back experts and they’d done” everything: massage, cracked my back, put needles in me, given me exercises. Nothing’s helped!”

9. He wanted to extend the meeting to ask if the insurance company would give him any money.

10. He didn’t have any cash and he’d forgotten his NHS number.

11. He got angry when I said that we weren’t open outside business hours.

12. He cancelled his next appointment, the same day it was meant to take place.

13. He ignored, forgot or didn’t bother with the exercises he was given.

14. He came back with a worse back pain since he had helped a relative with ”some garden work”. It turned out he’d carried heavy buckets and sat hunched up on the ground. He had also been on a short cruise and danced and headbanged all night in hard clogs.

15. He continued to complain about me not ”fixing” his back and after three visits he stopped coming – probably to move on to the next back expert and start all over again.

If you think that I’m making fun of one poor patient that can’t defend himself, I can tell you that this isn’t any one patient. I also haven’t combined several patients into one very bad one to show you all the potential mistakes patients do. Every single back expert has seen these kinds of patients, that check off at least 10 out of 15 of the characteristics above. Not once, but a few times a month!

No wonder those patients are still in pain. Chances are, that’s the same reason why you’re still in pain. In other words, most of what we’ve learned during six years of education (often even more!) is ignored by the majority of all patients.

Often, patients follow the advice of evening papers instead and then they wonder why they aren’t improving. Imagine you’re experiencing problems with your car. If the mechanic said that you need to change the entire suspension to not wreck the car – would you not do that? Would you come up with excuses next time about “forgetting” to have the suspension replaced? Why would you care for your body any less?

That is my rant for today 😊 I’m planning to have a really exciting day today, so I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope that you got some value out of it, and we will talk to you guys all soon. And guys remember you´re just one step away from healing your Back Pain…

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