BPS #019: What You Need To Do To Heal Your Back Pain Long-term…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today I want talk about what you should do to get rid of your back pain.

Guys, I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know that 25 years ago I had a serious back pain injury playing ice hockey and I have not played for three years.

I went to school for six years doing physiotherapy and I’ve been treating patients with back pain for the last 15 or 20 years. And I had this re-occurring stuff that, I had problems with in the office every day. I have a lot of people that come in and they’ve been in back pain for quite a while.

They tell me they have experienced more than two years of back pain and they come with an attitude like they have done everything and they’ve given up hope to get rid of the back pain. They think that I’m not going to be able to do anything about it.

Let me give you a bit of backstory here. I had this guy come in. We can call him John. That’s not his real name. I’m just making that up to protect him. So John was actually here in this room a few months back. He was rolling 40, married and he had one kid, five or six years old. He had another kid on the goal.

He was climbing the corporate ladder. He was working a lot of long hours and in college he was a really good soccer player. He had also been doing some skiing and was on the track team I think. And then for some reason he started to get back pain.

The back pain had been going on. He went to therapists, he had an MRI and he had this, a condition called a herniated disc on level l l four l five s in the lower part of the back.

He was more or less constantly in pain. He had this radiation going down his leg. He had weakness few times in his leg and in his foot and he was cranky too. He was telling me that he had problems performing sexually as well.

That was something that really bothered him. We sat down and we had this chat. I was asking him basic stuff, “Hey John, are you walking my friend”? He told me, “Nah, not really. I have a nice car.” He had a big bit of a chuckle and he said, “I’ll walk from the car and to the office and from the office through the car that I drive home”.

Okay. I didn’t think that was funny but he thought that was rather entertaining.

“Hey John”, I asked him, “Are you standing up at work at all?” And he said, “Nah. You know I have this really nice laptop and I have this office chair.” He actually showed me a picture of his office,

He said, “I have the side corner office there, with the big view.” And he had a picture of his desk and his office chair. I said, “Okay you look good.”

I asked him, “Hey John, are you going to the gym?” So he pulled up his phone and said, “Yeah, yeah.” He pulled up his huge phone – one of the newer models. He was showing me all of these apps, training apps, you know, specifically for back pain.

“That’s great. John, are you actually using these apps on this great phone?” I asked him.

He said, “No, not really. I go to the gym. Usually I go for a walk a bit and then I go for a sauna.”

“I might go for a massage as well.” I said. “So John, are you seeing anyone else besides coming here now? Is someone guiding you through this?” I asked him.

“Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I’m going to a massage therapist.”, he said.

I said, “That’s great man for relaxation, but are you actually doing stuff that you need to do to reduce your back pain?”

“You know,” – I looked at him and I said, “John. it seems like you know yourself and what you should do, but you’re not really doing it.”

“You’re keeping it active and you’re creating stuff, you’re buying stuff, but you’re not doing anything really to move forward.” I added.

“You’re just confusing the motion stuff that you’re doing with results and you’re not getting the results. And this has been going on for five years”. I told him.

“John, I have to call you out on your bullshit. You seem very, very negative. You come in here and you’re trying to be stupid by me, okay?” I added.

I told him, “So you tell me that, that you already know all this stuff, but still your here and you’re desperate and I can see it. You’re, you’re wandering around here.”

John could not sit for more than five to 10 minutes. It’s horrible, right? So why this attitude?

“Okay,” I told him, “I can help you buddy. I can tell you what to do. I can definitely tell you what to do, but you need to do the work. I’m your coach, okay? I’m not here to take care of you.”

“I’m not that guy, okay? I want results.” I told him. “If I’m going to have results, you better do the work, okay? And be committed to this. All this stuff that you’ve been doing is wrong. You’re in the wrong path, my friend. If you want results, you need to switch it around. Pull the handbrake, do 360 and get serious.” I added.

So he stood up. He really upset and he’s a big man is what you don’t know. He was like looking down at me and that’s fine.

I told him, “The door is there, John. I’m not here to be your friend. I’m here to, to help you heal your back pain. And if I tell you stuff and you get upset, that’s tough, because that stuff is what you need. You need to hear that stuff. You need to make a big change in your life. And if you don’t love yourself enough to do for yourself, do it for your wife. Do it for your two kids. Okay?”

“Yeah” he said.

“And if that’s too much for you right now to handle him, just leave. I have plenty of patients. I don’t need your business,okay? ” I told him.

He said, “Okay.”

And he was just speechless.

Then he sat down and he started to cry. Is that down right here? And he was crying for good five minutes. Okay. And that’s nothing strange.

You know, people cry more or less daily in here. You know, there’s a lot of stuff, emotional stuff going on when you are in pain, especially for a long time.

So just handed him the handkerchief right here and I told him, ” John, buddy, you need some tough love. Okay. You need someone to call you on your bullshit. Okay. And if you’re ready for it, I can help you. But only if you accept it and do what I tell you to do okay. And stop with this attitude because this negative attitude, like you know everything, you know, it all, that’s killing your back. That’s destroying your back, my friend. Okay?”

And he said, “Okay.”

So, so he calmed down, we had a chat, had coffee together, and we sat down and mapped it out on a piece of paper, the stuff that he needs to do, along with the stuff that he shouldn’t be doing.

I got him some tips where he could get this racing desk. You know when he was all upset about that because that’s going to, his decorative stuff in the office.

I told him, “It’s not going to fit in there. But I told him tough. Do you want to have a nice office? Do you want to have less back pain? We need to get rid of all the apps on the phone. ” So we deleted everything.

“Okay,” he said.

Uh, I actually went out and I told him to get one of the patent, soles that you can get custom-made kind and told him, he needs to put them in his business shoes. He had these really expensive Italian shoes look great, but the soles are crap.

So wait, he was walking and then was standing. I told him, “So when you put this stuff in here, it reduces the pressure. It becomes softer. “

So did all those things, and he kept in contact mostly through, he had a phone or whatever because he didn’t have time to come in that often but he was doing it.

And that’s for about three months. He came back, and told me, he’s better. It’s definitely not pain free, but it was much better. He was sleeping better, his sex life was better.

He had more energy. He was not as cranky, you know, he was in a much better mood and he actually got promoted. And I’m not saying that if you do this that you’re going to be promoted.

But he was telling me that he had more energy and he ha he was more friendly towards people and he dropped this negative attitude, this know it all attitude as well. And it was great. He was moving in the right direction.

What I want to to get across here, is if you feel that anything of the stuff that I’ve been telling you about here, like I’m talking to you, then listen to this!

Make the change.

You deserve it. I mean we just have one life and if you’ve been in pain for three to six to 12 months to two years and you’ve been going around talking to people and you’ve been doing the same stuff constantly. Well maybe just maybe you’re, moving in the wrong direction.

You’re on the wrong path, my friend. You need to switch paths. And a lot of times when you do stuff like that, it’s, because you need to do soul searching. And it’s hard, okay? Because you’re moving in areas that you’re not familiar with, you might think it]s weird or strange.

But just maybe that’s what you need to do. Okay? So I’m giving you permission right here, right now. Change paths. If what you’re doing is not working, you need to change it, okay? And try something else!

I’m gonna end it here for today. I hope some of this information hit home and that you’re actually gonna use it and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay? And guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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