BPS #018: Why You Get To Many Back Pain Exercises From Your Therapist…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today I’m going to talk about why you get too many exercises from your back pain expert. Yes I am back!

I’ve been on vacation for three days with my family and had a great time in the countryside. I always get very energized when I get back from vacation, plus I love Mondays.

A lot of you guys, may love Fridays and you have your weekend on the goal. But somehow when I say I love Mondays, people look at me and think I’m really strange. But I do love Mondays, I love my work and I love helping you guys. In fact, I’m going to throw some good content. So keep notes!

So I wanted to talk about why you get too many exercises at for your back, whenever you go visit your therapist.

Just to give you a bit of a backstory, I’ve been working as a physiotherapist for 20 years now. And as a back pain expert, I am fully aware of lots of back pain there is. Clients come to me complaining they have back pain and during the visit, I checked them out and afterwards, I give them some kind of exercise program.

When I was younger and just starting out, I gave my kids way too many exercises to do. It’s a power thing because when they come to me, they see me see me as a person in authority.

So whatever I tell them to do, they usually say they’re going to do it, but they end up not doing it anyway. So whenever they come in, we just simply give them an exercise program.

It might be 8 to 10 exercises – which is way too many by the way. Before they leave, they say they’re going to do the exercises. But actually they know that they’re not going to do these exercises again!

So right off the bat they had this internal and external trouble. . The external stuff is that they know they have to do the exercise and so chances are that the pain will be reduced. The internal part is they know they have other stuff they have to do. They have to get the kids from school, take care of the family, go to work, you know, all kinds of other social events coming up. So they struggle in between, so if the pain isn’t strong enough, they’re not going to do the exercises.

But if the pain is strong enough and they get scared, then they’re going to do the exercises. So there’s always the balance between the two. They leave and they can’t go out and they know that. So they had this wall, they hit the wall straight away.

Basically, they might do the exercises for one or two days, but they always slip back to their old behavior most times. So it goes on a few weeks.

I get back an email or two, maybe a phone call. They are very frustrated because they’re not having results and the pain is just horrible. So they come back for the second visit and this is a few weeks afterwards. This is the time that we actually get shit done and can move forward because now they know that they have to put in the work themselves.

They now know they need to make this back pain a priority in their life. And so we have a chat about it and then we actually sit down and we figure out a way, find a program with exercises that they can do and can actually do every day.

Usually I never give more than one but sometimes I give out a couple of exercises – maybe a maximum of three. But never more than that. It depends on their time limit. Plus, we go through everything and try to figure it out. But once they are able to adjust, then, they take off and they start to slack off on the exercises.

But, in some cases, sometimes there’s really serious back pain issues and you need to have other examinations and stuff. But in the majority of cases, they start to have success. They start to feel a reduction of pain and because the exercises that they need to do are so few, so they actually do it and finish them.

And when they see the results based on what they’ve done, they stick to it and their pain is reduced. So then they want to do more of it. They obviously want to stick to it because they know that they’re getting some success.

It’s like that with many things in life guys. If we take on too much in all areas in our life, then we fail. What we need to do is take out a chunk from that and we do just a little bit to get some success to gain momentum. And once you get the ball rolling, then you can take on more.

So the tip for today is that whatever exercise program you’re on as long as you’re doing it, that’s excellent, just keep doing it! But if you have this nice printed exercise program and you’re not having any success because you’re not doing the exercises, they you need to get real with yourself!

It’s really important not to live in this fantasy world. So first off, is just to take off and take away half of the exercises straight off. If you don’t have an exercise program and you don’t have a therapist, then just start walking to begin with.

Right now is a good time. Start walking for half an hour every day for the rest of your life. Start standing up a bit and if the pain is really bad, then visit a therapist.

Get that exercise program. But be honest from the beginning and tell him or her that I only have like 20 minutes a day, my friend. I can’t be doing this hour long training program. I’m not going to be able to do it.

It’s to save you time as well as the therapist’s time. Plus, you’re going to increase the speed to get results! That is today’s tip.

I hope you found that helpful and remember it is just one step away from healing your back pain.

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