Principal Saved My Life & Cured My Back Pain

Hey what´s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and Welcome to the back-pain secrets podcast. Today I am going to talk about how the 80/20 principal saved my life & cured my back pain.

Last night, I was actually interviewed by a really big newspaper here in Sweden. The reporter’s questions got me thinking when I finished my master’s degree in 2005 while at the same time working as a physiotherapist. Those were only my day jobs. At night, I was building an e­commerce site.

My business idea was to sell quality products for everyone suffering from back pain. The Tempur mattresses became my best sellers and money started to roll in. Since I didn’t think three full­time jobs were enough, me and my wife also had our first child around this time. I didn’t sleep more than 3­4 hours each night. Soon, I’d developed a taste for e­commerce and started another two international web shops.

Somewhere along the way I lost track of day and night, but I was so high on adrenalin and coffee that the World Anti­Doping Agency would have disqualified me if I’d had a urine test done. For some reason, I was having a reoccurring back pain more often than usual. It wasn’t long before… I discovered an exercise tool on TV­shop that actually worked to train your back.

The decathlete Henrik Dagård athlete here in Sweden was the front figure in Sweden for the Aerobix Shaper, “the world’s smallest back pain gym”. In the end, the inventor of this exercise tool gave me and my American partner Robert the rights to market this tool in the US. We recorded advertisements and negotiated with 21 TV channels and so on.

At this point my life puzzle consisted of 10,000 pieces, so I tried to become more efficient and read everything I could find on time management. This lead to me having time for even more things, and I was running around between my projects like an Energizer Bunny. My back hurt even more, and I couldn’t understand why since I was doing all the things I told my patients to do.

My readjustment My turning point came in 2008. I started to resent the life I was living more and more. All the projects, my physio therapy practice and the e­commerce sites did bring in some money, but I was working 12 hours a day, every day of the week. I spent more time with my phone and laptop than with my wife and child.

I couldn’t keep it up. During the summer we went on a holiday for a week. I didn’t enjoy a single moment of it, I mainly sat in internet cafés cussing, miserable over the fact that I’d lost control over my normal life. When the week was up, I gradually realized we hadn’t followed through on almost any of the plans we’d made for the holidays: no long breakfasts and no romantic walks along the beach. So, we decided to extend the holiday, since I needed more time.

The first day of the extra two weeks, I had a nervous breakdown. I was forced to slow down. It meant that I managed to recover for the first time in many years. We even found time for a few long breakfasts and a couple romantic walks. My back got better, even though I skipped all my exercise.

Once I was back at work, I decided to not continue at the pace I had been going at. I sat down and started to identify the important things in my life. My family was very high up on the list, and all the small projects I had spent so much time on weren’t even part of the foot notes. That’s when I turned to a very successful entrepreneur friend.

“The Tiger”, as I called him, is always cool and still fast as lightning. When I told him that I was losing my marbles, he just smiled. ”I think you’re ready for the 80/20 Principle.” he said. “I was introduced to it several years ago in New York, I was in the same situation then that you are now.” Then he looked at me seriously and said: “You should be happy that you’ve hit rock bottom.” “Happy?” I questioned. ”It’s because you’re feeling this shitty that you’re forced to change your life to survive and not just scratch the surface.

” The Tiger continued to explain the great impact the 80/20 Principle had had on him and a million other people, not just within the business world where it first became famous, but also as an efficient tool to manage stress and improve life quality. Then he went into more detail of what the 80/20 Principle was really about.

The 80/20 principal asserts that a minority of causes, inputs or efforts usually lead to a majority of the results, outputs or rewards. Taken literally, this means that, for exampel, 80 percent of what you achieve in your job comes from 20 percent of the efforts – a dominant part of it – is largely irrelevent. This is contrary to what people normally expect.

That time isn’t enough for everything we want to do is so common that there’s a huge market for teaching people how to fit in more in the same amount of time. But a lot of people forget that these aren’t the things they really want to do. That’s why they’re stuck in different time management systems or walk around feeling unhappy about life. The solution is based on two principles:

1. Identifying the important things in your life
2. Eliminating everything else

This means that you will live a simpler life, without many of the things that are taking up your time today. If you’re completely honest – do you really have to check your emails more than twice a day? How much time do you spend watching TV? How often do you go to the shops without knowing exactly what you’re going to buy or maybe even without money to shop for? Do you walk into the kitchen every now and then, just to check what’s in the fridge because you’re peckish? How many times do you look over the same bill before you pay it?

All of these things don’t take up very much time individually but put them together and they take up to 80% of the time you are awake! This means that the things you actually get done happen during the remaining 20% of the time. Think about it! By doing those 20 percent that actually produce results and skipping the remaining 80%, you’ll have more time. In other words: by doing less, you can get more done.

If you like this, if you like our podcast at all, please go to iTunes and rate us. I would love to see some feedback. It’s kind of fun to see some of the reviews coming in. We appreciate you guys. I hope that you get a lot of value out of this, and I will talk to you all tomorrow on our next podcast. And guys remember you´re just one step away from healing your Back Pain…

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