BPS #023: How To Take Daily Imperfect Actions To Heal Your Back Pain…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast.  Today I want to talk about how taking imperfect action daily can heal your back pain.

So it’s kind of mystic with the headline? But what I want to talk about guys is that a lot of people in this world, myself included, especially when I was growing up and, and for the first 20 years, all my life, I want everything to be perfect.

Before I start to do stuff, let me give you an example. It’s like when you want to have a kid, right? When you decide to, you want to have a kid, there’s never a right time in your life to have a kid, okay? There’s always like, usually lack of money or you’re working too much. So you’re not living where you want to live. And there are the conditions which are seldom perfect to have a kid.

Especially because when you do, when most people have kids, they’re right in their career as well. They’re working quite a lot. They don’t have their dream home yet and money’s tight. You know, it’s crazy. But eventually if you want to have a kid, you just go out and, and, and have the kid.

So, that’s my recommendation. Go out and have a kid. If you want to have to have a kid, don’t wait. That’s great. So what am I getting at here?

You’ll need to take daily imperfect action to achieve stuff.

Okay. So I’m going to give you a bit of a background of how I do it. And I’m not telling you these things just to brag or anything. I’m telling you these things to make a point, okay?

So give you a bit of backstory. Over 20 years ago, I injured my back pain, ice hockey!

Seriously, for three years after the accident, I was in pain daily. I was on pain medication, I had radiation down my leg, lower back pain, and I had problems hanging out with my friends and it affected my relationship with my girlfriend and it was horrible.

I couldn’t do my sports, I couldn’t do my training and anyone, I went to different therapists, they couldn’t, really give me a solution to my problems. I was struggling, so after these three years, I, hit rock bottom. At one point I didn’t really want to live anymore. It was horrible.

So what I did, I started to model people that have had, back pain and reduced their back pain and kept the back pain off. That’s what I did. So the Internet was starting to pick up then and I, Iread books, and, I talked to friends that knew other people that had back pain.

And I start to model these people. I put my program together for six months, but after six months and I had reduced like 80% of their back pain. It was nuts. Just doing this stuff. And did I do everything right? Of course not. I screwed up quite a bit.

You know, I did stuff that, that I tried out stuff that actually increased my back pain, but then I understood that and I didn’t do that anymore. I put that on the list. Don’t do that. I took imperfect action to reduce my own back pain. That’s how I did it.

Next thing I went to the university for six years. This is your therapy university? I’d never studied in my life. The only thing I did when I was growing up was playing ice hockey everyday.

Okay. I didn’t do any homework or whatever, you know. So for the first like even to get into physiotherapy colleagues, I had to take like an extra year to get all my grades up and stuff. And for the first six months I didn’t know what I was doing.

But eventually I figured it out and I got in. I finished those six years. And I did it by taking imperfect action. Next example, after I did the physio therapy university there, I decided I want to start a clinic – Back Pain Clinic.

So what I do, I start to model people. I looked what other people and other successful clinics were doing and I modeled what they were doing. We started out, we were two people, now we’re like 20 people here. And it took a while to build it up there. And I still screw up quite a bit, but it’s by taking imperfect action, you do that.

Okay, next thing I want my message to reach out and help people heal their back pain. And it’s very frustrating when you have this knowledge and you’re in this office and you can see just a very limited amount of people that I see quite a few patients every day.

Don’t get me wrong, but, if you see the whole picture, the whole world, the impact you have is very limited if you’re just staying in this small office, treating patients one by one.

So I wrote a book in Swedish and did good. It was like three years back. It’s sold 10,000 copies. And how did I write a book then? I’ve never written anything. I was horrible at it.

So I sat down every day after dinner and I wrote two pages, two pages, and I was not allowed to leave the kitchen table before I’d actually finish that task and most of those pages went into the bin.

It’s just crap. It’s horrible. Horrible sometimes to get off to get away. I copied other stuff, just writing it down just to be able to leave the, kitchen table. But it was imperfect action.

I did that over a period of one year or a year. Eventually I had my book. Was it hard? Of course it was, did know what I was doing. No, most of the time I didn’t have a clue, but I kept at it taking daily imperfect action.

Next thing. Okay. Sweden is a small country, like 10 million people. And my end goal is to help 1 million people heal their back pain online without using drugs or surgery. I understood that I need to step up my game, my marketing game, if I’m going to be able to succeed with this.

Okay. So I translated my book, My Swedish book back pain into this back pain secrets. This just came out maybe, maybe two months back.

And it’s selling quite well@backpainsecrets.com. I’m very happy about that. You know, it’s helping a lot of people. I’m getting a lot of good feedback around it. And this also happened when taking imperfect action.

Then obviously, you know, writing a book is, is good. You have the information and it shows that you can like package something, there’s a lot of good knowledge in there, but obviously not everyone is going to have money to buy a book or, have time to go through that.

I needed to step up our marketing game okay. To do other stuff too, to reach a broader audience to get my message out. So this December in 2018 I thought when I was during Christmas there, I I need to start on podcasts.

You know, I didn’t know anything about a podcast. Greg, I think I’ve like listened to one or two podcasts. But it was, it wasn’t my thing at all, but I knew that was a good way to get your message out.

So I Google that shit. How to start a podcast and then I just started to record. Did I know what I was doing? Hell No. Not at all guys. But you know what? What’s freaking amazing? Just take a look at this.

So I know I, you need to switch this around and stuff. But anyway, I’m just trying to make a point here in December 2018 I had 15 people download my podcast. Then in February I had 12 people.

Then in January, then in February, 2019 I had 233 people to download my podcast. And in March we’re up to 174 people. So maybe by the end of 2019 I have 300 people actually download my podcast.

That’s crazy. It’s crazy. In three months and I know what I’m doing. These podcasts and these Facebook lives and whatever, you know, I know that I stutter, I say the wrong word sometimes, and sometimes I looked like I’d been hit by bus because I’m doing podcasts really early in the morning before, I get my day going.

But I don’t care guys. I don’t really care. You know, I’m taking daily imperfect action and I know if I stick to this for one year, okay, I’m going to do longer, but I’ve decided now for one year, everyday, seven days a week, I’m going to do it, okay? Just get in front of the camera and do the podcast and stop worrying about how you look.

If you say the wrong words you are taking daily imperfect action,. And it’s important, guys, this is the way to get shit done.

No matter what you want to do is you want to heal your back pain. If you want to have a good relationship, if you want to have like success at work, whatever, take daily imperfect action. Stop trying to be perfect!

No one’s perfect. We all screw up. And all of these people walking around that did you think are perfect. They’re the people that are most screwed up. Because their work walking around and they just have this front. We all screw up. To have that attitude, is very important to have a strong feeling and, and calling in life, you have to know what you want to do.

So my goal, like I’ve told you a few times now and I’m going to keep repeating it, I want to help 1 million people to heal their back pain online without using drugs or surgery. So that’s my, main goal here.

So I’m right here. Now I’m starting to take the first few steps. So this is point A, this is point B, I need to, go this way. If I knew from the beginning, I know there’s going to be a lot of ups and downs, a lot of ups and downs, and there’s going to be obstacles, huge ups, obstacles. Then I, know it’s going to be be be horrible stuff that comes up if I’m serious about reaching this goal, but I’m going to reach it.

So when I, have a very clear vision on what I want to receive or what I want to achieve in life, then if I hit these problems, you know, I just go over them or around them or right through them. It doesn’t matter. I just, know I need to, get to point B.

So I do whatever it takes, but it’s important guys. I’m sorry, I’m getting off topic a bit on a bit of a rant. I need some coffee as well. But this shit is important because if you master this and, and get a basic understanding, then you can achieve a lot of stuff in life that’s important for you. And it’s the way to do it.

Take daily imperfect action. Don’t wait for, for the circumstances around you to be perfect. They’re never perfect, So, hope you have some value from that guys. Take care. I love you guys.

I know it’s hard with back pain it takes, takes quite a while to, get rid of it usually. And guys remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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