BPS #030: The Back-Pain Expert Does Not Want Your Life History…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast and today I’m going to talk about why the back pain expert doesn’t want to hear your life story.

That headline might seem kind of harsh and you might get upset and think I’m a bad person but I am your doctor. But I’m just being honest guys. When you’d been working for a while, I’ve been working 20 years as a physio now treating back pain and when you meet a lot of people, I see thousands of patients every day and we’re on this time schedule.

We would love to be able to chat all day and just go deep in all the different areas of your life. But we don’t have time for that. So I have quite a few patients that have been to me but other, physiotherapists or back doctors or whoever that get a bit upset sometimes because they think we’re like stressing the meeting.

But we just want to give you as much helps as possible in that given amount of time we have. So today I’m going to give you guys a few tips. If you had a few bad meetings with, the medical community, doctors, physios, osteopaths, chiropractors, take these tips, write them down,.

The next visit you go to, you are trying to take this box is going to make your life easier and you’re going to get better treatment and hope that it’s going to reduce your back pain quicker? First off, when you come in, you give a short description of who you are, what you’re about? Like one or two minutes. Don’t give us your entire life story for like half an hour? That doesn’t fly with us at all. Number two, why are you here today? We want to know a shorter description of your problems, of your symptoms.

So you come in and you start to to talk about when you injured your pinky toe when you’ were five years old. We’re going to two now.. You need to stay relevant, like if you’re in back pain, when did the back pain start and had your back pain in the last couple of weeks or months increased.

What kind of symptoms does your back pain given you? Be very specific with the symptoms. Do you have a burning sensation in your back or leg?. Is it a tingling sensation? Do you, is it, does it feel hot or cold? Do you have problems sitting or lying down. And stuff like that. So be very specific and also write this stuff down before you came to us. Number three, provide relevant medical facts about you.

Do you have any chronic illnesses? Have you had any operations? How about your organs inside your body? You need to give us some background so we can actually make a good assessment on what the problem is. Big thing. Also your social relationships. Are you living alone? Are you living with or do you have a family? What kind of work are you doing?. Are you into any clubs or or social events.

And this stuff, if you seek both patients that I asked this stuff, they get quite offended and they think, why do you need to know about that? Because the mind and body is connected guys. So it’s important for us to understand, to get a big overview of who you are and what you’re doing so we can give you good health advice.

Also, what kind of medications are you taking? I have loads of patients that come in here and they’re saying, well, I’m on all kinds of medication, but they can’t name any medication at all. So please photograph the bottles that you’re taking the medication or write them down so we actually have an understanding.

We understand what you’re taking so we can make a good assessment. We have to work together with this. Come prepared. That’s basically what I’m saying. Do you have any allergies?. And the last question, is, very important. We’re going to ask you, do you have any questions?.A lot of patients that come to me for treatment in the beginning. I didn’t ask this question as I more or less left it over to the patient to ask that question.

But now I asked that question three or four times before they leave. But because a lot of times what happens is when they leave the office, they come back or they call me or they emailed me and have a whole bunch of questions. And it’s because they weren’t prepared before they came in. If you, have a lot of questions and you don’t get those questions, answered, what happens is that it increases the fear in your body.

And you feel anxious and you feel it just increases the pain.So this is very important, but if your back pain is bad or if it’s good news or bad pain if it’s serious or not serious, it’s important that you get that information so you can actually understand why you are in pain. So please guys, before you visit, anyone in the medical community go through this list.

And specifically write down all the questions you have. So you actually have them on a list and you go through that list. Doing this, going through this and actually preparing before he you go to the visit is going to increase your chances. I’m guessing here, but at least 30 40% that, that the visit is going to be good from your perspective and our perspective and that you’re going to get better treatment,

Their diagnosis is a quicker solution to your problem? So we have to work together here. Please, guys, show up on time. Five, 10 minutes before. Sit Down, be prepared. I can’t say when patients come in like 10 15 minutes late to the treatment. It’s horrible.

It if doesn’t work, right, then we have to reschedule. They get pissed off. Takes me off? So please do that. This, about it for say, I love you guys. Take care and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. And guys remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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