BPS #033: Lose Weight And Reduce Your Back Pain…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast And today I’m going to talk about losing weight, specifically to reduce back pain.

Is it possible, right? That’s what we’re going to talk about. Obviously guys, if you’rE overweight heavyweight and you have excessive weight on you, that can definitely affect your back pain. And there are many reasons for this, but one reason is if you have a good big stomach, it actually decreases your posture or make it worse.

So if you can just take a look at this. This is my stomach right here. If I push my stomach out of it, what happens is that I’ve pushed my stomach out and then I haven’t increased arch in my back. So what happens to this is that it’s actually pushing forward. Now that can definitely irritate your nerves and all kinds of stuff.

Obviously if you’re heavily overweight, there’s all kinds of other health benefits also that is going to affect your health. It’s not good to be very overweight.

But anyway, what I wanted to talk about also is an easy way, to keep your weight down. Even if you’re having a family – if you’re working out just keep it simple because there’s so much confusion out there in society today regarding weight.

Regarding weight and if you turn on the TV, it’s crazy. There’s all kinds of these cooking shows that is on always, any channel you flipped to, there’s someone just standing doing these dishes or there’s lots of food challenges. The strange thing that I can’t wrap my head around to is that everyone is on the show and everyone’s cooking, but no one’s actually making these dishes.

Or very few people are making the dishes. Most people are just watching other people and doing the dishes. And when they are doing their own cooking, they order out, right? Uber eats, they go to the store and get some frozen stuff and they put it in the micro. So they’re looking at the process, but they’re not actually doing the actual cooking.

It just blows my mind, the amount of time. And so that’s one thing. Also, if you open up all the cab lords, you know all the magazines, uh, you will see all of these celebrities like lose, losing weight, gaining weight, big butts. You know, it’s just, just crazy. What society has come to and it’s very easy to get confused, but it’s quite easy to reduce weight. If you’re dedicated and obviously you also have to understand why you would want to loose weight.

It’s very hard just to be motivated. You need to really do some soul soul searching and, and dig deep to find out the reason why you want to lose weight. What I mean, do you want to lose weight because you, had back pain. Have you had back pain for three to six months and you’re like doing everything right. But you feel like, like, you need to get that done. The thing that motivates you.

And do you have any like other health conditions, right? Some internal disease or something in your body that you need , to clean up and you want to live healthier and have reduced weight. And put less stress on your heart and so forth. So there’s many reasons, but before you start asking me to just sit down and understand and have very clear vision of why you want to lose weight.

The reason is not just to get six pack abs, you know, so that you can show, them off but that can definitely be a motivator but usually it runs out. Is there a higher purpose for you trying to reduce your back pain. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit here, but what we’ll do, is find an easy way to reduce your weight and keep it off in the following process.

Personally what I do, I pick out three to five dishes with good raw food. Like, good material or good products. I eat both fish and, didn’t eat a lot of vegetables. But then what I do, I, picked these dishes out and they’re very easy to prepare and no fancy stuff at all. And then I just keep to these three to five dishes and I just eat the same thing.

And Monday to Friday, especially during breakfast and lunch that I, have by myself in the evening, I more or less whatever the family has prepared. But during breakfast and lunch, I always eat these three to five dishes and I rotate them and I know they’re easy to prepare. It’s quick, right? And they’re healthy. And also it gives me energy. It takes away all of these decisions, stuff that you need to think, what should I eat? What should I buy?

You know how to prepare it. It’s very easy. I’ve done that for years and it works like a charm. And also I always drink to 2 liters of water at least. I will always have one of these balls with me. It’s on my desk. So I know if I’ve had two and a half or three of these a day, then I know I had my fluids in there and my body’s going to function much better.

Also Monday to Friday, I don’t have any bread, sugar or alcohol, red sugar or alcohol and Monday through Friday, just skip that. During the weekend I used to eat whatever – I want to more or less. Also I go for a walk every day, 40 minutes daily, stand up at work for two and a half to three hours, almost four hours actually.

And then once in a while, you know, two or three times a week I hit the gym and just do some, some strength exercise. That’s part of it to increase my metabolism and also to alter partly to reduce the stress Stress is bad for the body. So just, keep it simple.

I see quite a few patients in here and they’re all very confused with the weight thing. You know, it’s driving people nuts and there’s so many stories out there. so much bad advice out there, but just keep it simple and then you’re going to be able to do it. And especially if you do it over longer period of time then you’re going to have success.

That’s about it for today, guys. Take care. I love you and don’t forget you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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