BPS #035: Eliminate Energy Thieves In Your Life And Eliminate Your Back Pain…

And guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain and today I’m going to talk about why you need to eliminate energy thieves in your life.

So what is an energy thief? An energy thief is a person that can be in at work or at home, your family and friends or just random people that you meet during the day that you love them and you care about them. But right now you can’t handle their problems as well because you’re suffering from back pain and you’ve been in back pain for three months, six months, a year? And you’re trying to save all your energy in order to reduce your back pain.

So I admit, I’ve been working as a physiotherapist for, for over 20 years now. You guys know this. If you’ve been listening to me for awhile and I’ve treated thousands of back pain patients, and even though stress in your life is not like the only reason why you get back pain, it definitely something, a factor that could, increase your back pain.

And it’s also an easy way so that you can control yourself to reduce the stress in your life and that will reduce your back pain most often. So I see people that come in here in pain, with back pain for many months, – serious back pain. And they are doing their exercise. They are like systemizing the, stuff at work. They’re doing all of that and they’re trying to take control of their life again.

But one factor when you talk to them, quite a few of these people have people in their life that they can’t control. People that they like and love even but whenever they spend time with, these people afterwards they feed just drained because this person just sucks all your energy out. Do you guys know anyone like that?

They are all around stuff like you are a better person. They are. It’s just that they take so much of your energy. So you need to be aware of these energy thieves in your life. If you’re suffering from back pain for quite a while and you’re trying to do get better and you’re trying to do all of the other stuff, this might be an area that you need to look into.

I’m going to give you a few tips today. How to, reduce contact with these energy thieves. Okay. First off, if you and this energy thief person, you’re doing an activity together, just simply stop doing the activity and do something else. It’s very easy. And also be very honest with this person that’s sucking your energy and just tell them, right now, be honest with your feelings.

Just tell them right now I don’t have time with this. Doing this activity, I’m going to, I need to go and do this. So it’s an easy way. It’s a clean break and it also saves the relationship. You don’t need to get into all kinds of discussion and trying to explain why, you can’t listen to them and you’re talking about your back pain. Just say, I’m going to switch activities.

Each goal each separate way. Number three, guys, don’t try to solve the energy thieves problems? These people it’s a bottomless hole. You saw one problem that they have. It’s another one. It’s another one. It’s another one. Never ends. That’s stuff that they need to work. Let them work it out by themselves?

Right now, while you’re better in your back and you feel strong, you might be able to go back and help them, but right now you’re trying to save your energy to reduce your back pain and get your life back. So if you have this person that’s just rambling on with all their problems constantly – just stop trying to solve it. Someone else can handle that or do they need to handle it themselves?

Also, number four, limit eye contact. When you’re talking to someone an energy thief and they’re rambling on about their problems. Limit eye contact to them. Don’t show them with your body language says that you’re really into the conversation. That’s also an effective way.

So guys, this stuff might sound very, harsh and cold. Because you’re not treating the people around you with, with care and love. But right now you’re in back pain and you’ve been struggling for back pain for quite a while and you’re doing all of this stuff trying to lift you up. Trying to reduce your pain and these people right now, you don’t have the energy yourself inside to take care of that.

You need to to first fix yourself and then you can fix them or help them. So if you’re struggling with back pain and you’ve done that for many months and you’re trying to do all of this stuff and nothing is really helping you and you know that you have quite a few people in your life that you feel drained after you’ve spent time with them, just try for a few months to limit time with them,
to see if you can get your energy levels up yourself. And that might reduce the stress and reduced your back pain.

Guys, take care. I love you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow And guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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