BPS #037: 11 Things That Can Cause You Back Pain…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast and today I’m going to talk about living things that you can take, that can cost you back pain.

There are many things that can cause you back pain, but these are 11 very common things that a lot of people struggle with. So first off, week back muscles, I hear this from a lot of patients that come in, they say, “Well my back muscles are so weak.”

Everyone has back muscles, everyone has muscles in their bodies. Of course we can work the more or we can be stronger or, or not as strong k. But I see a tendency, especially the, the over the past few years now I have a lot of patients that do these using these apps on the phones, right?

They’re doing like a hundred push ups every night or they doing it a hundred sit ups. And a lot of these exercises are focusing on training the front of the body. And because we’re sitting all day, most all is like this in front of the computer. We have a tendency just when we’re training doing the, push ups and a lot of sit ups, you know, we increased that posture.

So most common problem is that you’re actually irritating or, making your posture even worse when you’re doing all of this, you might get the six half six pack, but you’re have this posture and that’s killing your back pain?

Number two, muscles or ligaments.

Well, of course guys, you can injure your muscles or your legals, especially when you’re doing heavy stuff in the gym. I have a lot of patients that do a lot of heavy squats,.

At dead lifts and all of the this stuff. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it, I’m just saying that makes sure that you do it in the correct manner and don’t overdo it. You need to, to keep the weight as high or as low so you can perform the exercise and the weight supposed to be, performed. Very, very important.

Number three, bad posture.

We already touched on that. But it’s, because most people are sitting down, we’re sitting down or we are on our phones. . Looking down or we’re sitting looking down. So what you need to do, you need to start standing up at work at least three hours a day at work. You need to go for your war walk 40 minutes. And when you hit the gym or do other exercises, please do exercises.
When you’re training your posture muscles become strong. We’re pulling stuff towards yourself. That’s about it.

Number four is stress.

Stress, stress, stress. I’ve talked about stress a lot on this podcast and it’s because it’s the low hanging fruit. Guys, if you’re stressed, if you’re working a lot, if you have a cat like work is crazy, your family life is crazy. Your relatives crazy and your friends are just all over the place and you don’t have any routine,no structure in your life. Well, chances are that you’re stressed.

So you need to sit down, you need to write down on a piece of paper what is important for you and what is not important. Then you basically just do the stuff that’s important for you. Okay? That’s about it. What else?

Number five too little or bad sleep guys.

First off, people are watching Netflix. If you’re watching Netflix on your bed, on your phone, on your computer, if you have your phone on the bed with you or, next to you. Well I can’t really help you. You need to get all of the electronic shit out of the bedroom, Very, very important.

Also, if you need to go to work to be at work at eight or nine And you need to get your eight hours of sleep. You can’t be in bed watching this shit all night long and fall asleep at one o’clock and then wondering why you’re not feeling good or your back hurts. You need to get like seven or eight hours of sleep per night.

Exercise every day. Stand up at work both for your walks. Don’t drink coffee after 12 and in the day. And get all the electronic stuff out of your bed.

Number six addictions right here.

I’m having a cup, a cup of coffee here. But I’m just having two cups, So if you’re over consuming food, coffee, sugar, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, then that’s not good! You need just to, reduce all the stuff that you’re taking. I’m not going to go with all into that, but you need to keep your eating habits and the stuff that you consume into your body at, a reasonable level. Or else you’re going to have medical problems. It’s as easy as that.

Number seven, unresolved feelings.

This is a big one, okay? People are walking around and I meet a lot of patients in here that are all like all bundled up. They’re walking around, there’s checking out what other people are doing and they’re very nervous of what other people think of them, how they should act. They’re struggling with these feelings. Am I enough, you know, will I be able to do that? Blah, blah, blah.

I understand that if you’re younger up to your 20’s, but when you are like in your thirties, forties, and 50’s. And if you’re not hurting anyone, if you treat everyone with kindness and respect and you’re not hurting anyone, then that’s good. And you’re just doing your thing. If people have a problem with that, then you know, you’re better off without them. That is a very easy way to see it, so look upon this. If you’re not hurting anyone, if you treat everyone with kindness and respect and you’re doing your own thing.

And you have a positive attitude. If people have a problem with you, well, good luck to them. Just make that decision in your life. It’s the best one you can make.

Number Eight, spondylosis or spondylitis license.

And what it is, guys, it’s, I’m not going to get too technical here, but when you have like your leg, like this score or a vertebrae that has slipped forward, it compress on your nerves and your nerves, are these small yellow things on you can see here. And it presses here and you can have like radiation down your legs, you can have pain in your lower back and your usually very sensitive to what kind of activities you’re doing.

So that’s one medical problem you can have. Then you can have like a herniated disc and a herniated disc and we’re talking to his lower body part here now, but you can have that in all kinds of, your neck, in your mid section or your lower back.

But I’m talking about lower back here now. So what we see here is a disk and the disc is almost like you’re like a tree. If you cut a tree off, you will see these rings and disc is built up in the same manner. So if the the rings break, you will have fluid the runs out and that fluid will will run out and we’ll press on the nerves in your back and you can feed radiation down your leg in your buttocks. It can be just horrible actually.

Lower back pain, lower back pain is a term that that can be dependent on many different factors. Your posture, stress and you can have a medical condition. So it’s more like a term that you can use that’s not specific. Also, Sadek got Sciatica and most people know what Sadeka is.

They’ve experienced SCIATICA and it’s, again, the biggest nerve or one of the biggest nerves in the body is the sciatic nerve. And it goes, this is the front, but on the back it goes on the back of your leg all the way down to your foot. And if you have some problems, I’ll pair, or even like in your hip area, you can have pressure on your, your sciatic nerve. And that results in that you have a radiation down your leg or your buttocks.

A lot of people that have Sadeka, they have this tendency to go and hit the robotics, If you actually shit, ah, there’s something in my butt. Most common, it’s a bit of Sadeka you have there and you need to do some stretching for your buttocks and your lower back, guys, that’s about it for today and listen through this again,.

This won’t told him all your problems, but these 11 very common things that you can like, just be, if you just know about them and you can make some small corrections senior life, you might, it might help y’all quite a bit.

Take care guys. I love you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow and guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain

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