BPS #038: 4 Lethal Back Pain Excuses…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast and today I want to talk about this for lethal back pain excuses.

Guys, you that have been listening to me for quite sometime now? You know that I’ve been working as a physical therapist for over 20 years. I injured my back like 25 years back playing ice hockey. I struggled for three years to come back. I was on painkillers, I was depressed and it was just horrible

So over the past 20 years I’ve been doing this on meet a lot of back pain patients in this room. Actually, ,thousands to be honest with you. And there’s a recurring theme that there’s four questions or excuses I hear every day, okay? Every day. So add to just, uh, make this, simplify it a bit. I’m going to talk about a patient.

And this patient, I was treating like five, six months back, we can call him Timothy and Timothy was into stocks and bonds. He was one of these guys, the traders.. So he was doing that and he, wasn’t married, he didn’t have any kids, but he had a girlfriend I think. And then a few years back, he injured his back playing badminton and he had like a ruptured disc or a herniated disc, I think in his lower back.

And He’d been suffering from then also, just like a legal thing. Okay. Obviously my patient’s name isn’t Timothy. I just made that up to protect identity. Anyway, so what he was doing, and he wasn’t exercising, he wasn’t doing anything, you know, and he was just in a lot of pain, but he wanted to come to my office and he sat down and he said, “Robin, I don’t really have the time to do this stuff, you know, with my back. I’m too busy.”

And he was telling me he wanted to buy this bed for like $20,000 or something like that. And he said, “I don’t really have the money yet for the bed. So that’s why my back isn’t feeling that good.” And he said, “Also I don’t feel any motivation , I just feel depressed around the whole thing with a back thing. I’m a young guy and I don’t feel the motivation and also a few of these exercises that I see, they seem dangerous. “

I say to him, “Timmy Buddy. You just hit the big four – the big four. “

And he said, “What, what are you talking about Robin? What is it you’re telling me, well, you’re hitting the big four?”

These four excuses you just gave me is the stuff that everyone is telling me all the time.

First off, you don’t have money.

You don’t have the time to do this stuff.

You’re not motivated and …

you think, it seems dangerous.

You’re not motivated and you think, it seems dangerous. So what we’ll do to me, get your piece of paper out here and we’re going to go through them. Because is is it’s quite easy to, handle. First off, you don’t have time. That’s something I hear from so many people in the office everywhere, you know, whatever they’re doing.

Everyone is saying, I don’t have time, I don’t have time. I don’t have time to do my exercises for my back. I don’t have time for this and that. You, everyone that wakes up have about 900 minutes. We are awake on this planet every day. That’s crazy, right?

If you’re sitting there telling me that you don’t have 30 minutes to do something good for your back exercise and go for a walk, do some strength exercises, core exercises, do something to improve your body to become stronger so you can reduce your pain. That’s just bullcrap.

Everyone has that. I work between like 60 or 70 hours a week. I interact with a lot of people that are high achievers and they’re like hitting the same numbers or even up to 80 hours a week, , and they all find time to do some exercise every day because if you don’t do that, if you don’t take care of your body, it’s not going to take care of you.

So if you’re sitting there and you’re just giving that excuse, it’s just bull crap, I’m just going to call you out, Just stop it because it’s not true.

Number two, you don’t have the money. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire or if you’re on the street. There’s always this talk about money. Money is never really the problem. It’s never, a resource problem. It’s a resourcefulness problem. If you don’t have or if you feel like you don’t have the resources to do what you have to do, you have to get resourceful and find ways around that. So it’s never really about that money problem. There’s always a lack of money, whatever you want to do, but you need to be resourceful.

And also, if you sit down and you actually put down on a piece of paper what you need to do. What the actual cost is for everything and you shift money around a bit and you just might need to save for a bit. Most Times you can get what you want. If you’re smart about it, then you have this motivation.

A lot of people are walking around just feeling, not motivated, feeling depressed all the time and I have listened to quite a lot of stand-up comedians to just keep my brain happy and happy in light. I also, besides that, listened to a whole bunch of motivational stuff as well. But I also hate this, or not hate, but it’s, easy. You see, you hear these people just strolling out these one liners. And you feel happy for a bit and then you go down, okay. It goes away.

In order to stay motivated and stay focused, you have to know why you are doing something. That is the trick. Motivational, motivational, just, just wears off. So you need to understand the why behind it. I get it. Quite a lot of questions here on the podcast.

People are asking me all the time, “Why, Robin, why are you doing this? Facebook lives and, and Youtube live and all of this crap seven days a week and you’re waking up four in the morning, you’re doing this. Why? Why? How are you able to do it?”

The why is because I want to help 1 million people heal their back pain online without using drugs or surgery. That is my big why. That is what gets me up in the morning. That’s what gets me up out of bed at four o’clock in the morning.

I don’t need a clock anymore. I’m up because I want to do this. I want to get this done. That’s what motivates me. So find your why. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to reduce your back pain? Why do you want to have the good relationship? Find out the why around the thing and everything else just just takes care of it.

Also, it seems dangerous. That is also a big one. Big, big, big one. Fear, fear. Fear is holding us back. Fear is good. I mean fear it saves can save our say your life. If the building is burning down, it’s good that you feel fear and you’re leaving the building. That is good fear. But there’s a lot of other fears we are not reading. You’re over exaggerating your fears. We think here we live in a modern society.

We are so advanced. Basically we’re just apes. We have an eight brain. It’s this laceless or we, if something comes up during the workday, you meet someone that’s treating you harsh or you had like some, some, other challenge in your life. We always very quickly go to this. Should I stay or should I leave it? Just, just go leave. Should I fight or should I leave? Run.

We go into those two different modes very quickly and that’s very damaging for us. I mean, if you live in a modern society like we do and, you don’t have a terminal illness and you’re not living in a country with war. Usually you can figure it out. And whatever feelings, you have a fear that usually they’re there. It’s not really that bad.

So what I think you should do, whenever you feel fear, get a piece of paper, write down all the bad stuff, the really bad stuff that could happen if you do it. And then you just see the list. Will you dive you if you do this, if this happens, will this devastate you. How could I survive, if this happens, how could I work around it to, to still be safe?

That will take away your fear and you will actually be able to do stuff too to keep momentum. Keep you moving forward. Guys, I’m sorry that I went off on a bit of a rant here, but these four things are so common that people just holding them back. So go through the list a few times, and make sure that, that you don’t continue to do the same stuff. You’re back. needs you and, you need to do this for your back so your back pain reduces and you can get on with your life.

Guys, take care. I love you. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow and guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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