BPS #039: How To Sleep Better When You Have Back Pain…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast and today we are going to talk about how to sleep better when you have back pain.

I watched “A Scent of a Woman” last night. And I’m a big fan of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. I always get those two dudes mixed up. They’re both the great actors. And I just love that. Who, yeah, I think I’m actually going to start to use that on this podcast.

So if you guys like that, who are you? Please put it in the chat box. And I will definitely start using that because it gets me going and gets you going. I’m definitely using it. So guys, today I want to talk about how to sleep better when you have back pain. We’ve talked about this before.

We’ve brushed on it on different episodes and it’s a reoccurring theme. I would say I see between 10 to 12 people each day, five or six days a week in this office. And I would say 80% of them always, comes back to the sleep thing. I can’t sleep. my back pain is affecting my sleep. So what should you do guys?

Well, first off, if you’re been suffering from back pain for many years or months, you know, just know that your sleep is going to be affected. And just accept that there’s different steps that you can take to become, get better sleep or deeper sleep or longer sleep. But your sleep is going to be affected at some point. So first off, we always talk about stress on this show and it’s because it’s the low hanging fruit when it comes to back pain.

I can’t stress how this is just causing back pain? Probably. Yeah, could, could, is it, it’s the reason why you have all your back pain. Probably not. You have other factors as well, but stress is the low hanging fruit that you can actually control yourself to a certain degree.

So first off, what you need to do is you need to get your TV, you need to get your cell phone, your laptop, out of the bedroom, If you have back pain my friend, and you’ve had it for many months and you still had those three devices in your bedroom and you’re lying on your bed watching Netflix every night. Just before you go to sleep, then I can’t help you.I can’t help you. That’s one reason why you have back pain. You need to get that shit out of the bedroom.

You will watch that on the couch out there. And when you go into the bedroom, first off, you make sure that the bedroom, has some fresh air in there. You lie down, you read a book. And try to just relax for a bit, do some deep breathing. You can do that also to relax, and also, if you have all of these ideas coming up during the night. Like me, I’m crazy like that. I always have like a piece of paper and if pen is next to my, bed and whenever I have an idea, I just write it down. I don’t wait because what happens if I don’t do that? I think all of the ideas will just die in my head and I need to remember that. Blah, blah, blah. I just write it out and then I forget it.

Most of the crap that I come up during the night quite really doesn’t make any sense. It’s just crap. But once in awhile I have a really good idea. So I put a pen and a piece of paper next to the bed and write it down.

Thank God for Caffeine. Caffeine is a big one. Everyone’s talking about caffeine. Okay. That you get like a hit and you get really, going with it. Right. So I’m having my cup of coffee here, my first cup of coffee around five-ish in the morning. I always have one at five in the morning. It gets me going and I love it. So I have that and like 11 or 12 I’ll have my second cup, but then after that, I’m not drinking any more coffee because coffee, it’s a STIMULII, right? You get going.

So why would you like drink coffee five, six or seven o’clock at night or even later than that if you know that you’re sleeping, stop that if you’re doing that, it’s just stupid. I can’t help you if you’re doing that. It’s really, really important guys. It’s an easy thing to do. Just stop drinking the coffee and you’re addicted to it and you need it. You can drink decaf. Drink DECAF.

Also other people. Number three, other people sleeping next to you. Also a very common problem for back pain. You and your partner, you might have a partner that’s doing all kinds of exercise. Boom, turning around switching, snoring, spitting, screaming, all kinds of stuff in their sleep. That can be really, damaging for your sleep and there’s no easy solution there.

It’s also hard, especially if you have kids. It’s while you have these kids wandering in during the night, you know? Uh, so what me and my wife with the kids stuff, first off when we had the kid, we were newbies, right? We didn’t really know what we were doing, so we always had the kid in between us. You see that in movies. She, you think that’s the way you should do it. Bull crap. Bull crap it’s not the way to do it at all. Especially if you want to have some sleep. I mean that was just messing up the sleep for me, my wife and my kid.

It’s not comfortable. So what we did, we had this mattress that we put underneath our bed and whenever our kids came, in, we had every second night I lay down on the floor with my kid on that mattress and just lay there with the kids for until they fell asleep. I put a blanket around them, had the cushion on it and I got up to our bedding. That way me and my wife could both sleep and our kids could sleep and it was good for the family.

Also, if you have like a big partner, a heavy partner, you need to divide the beds up just by two. And you push them together so each of the beds can have like there’s custom made for your weight. Also if you have a partner that is moving around quite a bit, you put a big thick cushion in between the two of you just to get some padding. then you have this with back pain, right? If you’re, you’re suffering from back pain, it’s not easy.. First off, if you’re suffering from back pain and you can’t sleep during the night, you can’t sleep during the day.

It’s kind of when you go, for a trip to another country and you have this time difference thing when you come back. It’s always like, this, I need to go to sleep during the day because you have the time difference and if you start to sleep during the day, when you come back from the trip, you’re screwed. You’re going to like, just mess up your, your sleeping habits four weeks.

So you need to stay up during the day and have a very strict sleeping schedule. Like you go to bed at a certain time and you wake up at a certain time and also you can lie on your side. That’s a good tip as well. You know, you put a cushion, you lie on your side, you can put that in between your legs and usually a lot of people with back pain fee that very beneficial as well.

Then also, you could do some light exercises before you go to bed very, very lightly. You do some, some, some light stretching moving around. Maybe for a little walk. Not too intense though. You don’t want to get going. But it’s hard guys. It’s hard, but , you definitely need to think of these things especially if you have back pain and you have problems sleeping.

I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. I love you and don’t forget, you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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