BPS #040: How To Get A Good Massage When You Have Back Pain…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we are going to talk about how to get a good massage when you have back pain.

Massage is a big thing. It’s been around for a long time. Most people like to get massages. And then there’s also kind of a mystic thing around it because it’s the sexual thing as well. So it’s a good thing to get a massage if you have back pain, if you get the right massage. But then again, what is the right massage?

There is the right size a massage, that feels nice for you. And that’s very individual. There’s a lot of massage techniques out there that are very black Brewco. We have the Thai massage when they’re pulling and stretching you, you have the deep tissue when they’re going in and they’re really, really pounding you.

So it, it’s really whatever you’re into, but it’s also very important if you have like injury to your disks, when your league events and you have like something wrong with your back so you need to be very gentle with your back and not let the massage therapist go in and pound you too much because that can really like mess up your back big time.

There’s a lot of people going off to Thailand and whatever and they come back and they’ve injured their back. They’re on the beach and she got this lady walking around on their back and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but if you have a back condition, you need to be gentle with that, so think about it.

So what kind of massages would you think is a good massage? First off, guys, you need to make sure that the person that’s actually treating you and that you’re paying is trained for it. There’s a lot of people now that can just open up massage places, and they do whatever. So make sure they have the right credentials. That’s very important.

The main thing when you go for the massage, this is to reduce stress and increase circulation, it releases this hormone in the brain called oxytocin. So in order that too to occur, you need to be able to relax. So it’s very important that first off, you’re comfortable with the place you’re in. Is it clean? Do you feel safe?

Would you like a female or a male masseuse? You need to be very, specific with them because if you’re not comfortable, I mean there’s quite a lot of females that go for massages and then this guy shows up and they’re not comfortable with someone touching them. Well then you need to tell them that you want a female masseuse or vice versa and whoever you’re comfortable with.

When I have quite a lot of patients, they come in and say, well I went to go for a massage, but it was too hard or it was too soft. It wasn’t good, and I asked him, “Are you telling the masseuse what you want? ” They said, “No.” I asked them why? They said, “No, I don’t, didn’t want to hurt their feelings. “

Hey, you’re just hurting yourself. You’re paying for this, you took time to go there and you need to be specific with what you want. It’s the people giving you the massages. They don’t know., they’re not mind readers! So you really need to, to make sure that you are very specific what you want and with what you want to get out of your massage.

And also I would, recommend you to find someone to do massages, but also to do some stretching as well. So do stretching moves because that’s also very beneficial. Like stretch your hamstrings, stretch your buttocks. So first they may stop, to massage your body and then massage your hamstrings. They do some stretching and some massage. So stretching for your body is very nice, as it increases the effect of the massage.

Also a big part is if you should talk during your massage. That’s up to you. But I mean, personally, when I go for a massage, I want to be quiet. I want the room to be warm. I want like a pleasant smell in there. So I kind of like the lights dim down a bit and I don’t really want anyone talking to me during this experience. I’ve talked to like 30 to 40 to 50 people a day and I’m up and I’m on the go all the time. I’m trying to deliver. So when I go for massage, I would just want it to be quiet, and I want to really be able to relax. I tell them straight off, “Hey, it’s nothing personal. I had a rough day. I just want to lie down here and relax and enjoy the massage. So if it’s okay with you, I would prefer we’re not going to talk. ”

Also, I tell the person, “Hey, I like it if you really put some work into it. So, just press kind of hard and do the massage kind of hard, especially around my back end,buttocks and thighs.”

I played a lot of hockey, so my, thighs are like huge. They’re huge kind of fat nowadays. Not like I was when I was younger when it was all buff, but it’s quite, quite a lot of muscles there and for them to be able to work with them, they really need to pound them hard. I always get them to do some stretching as well.

And so that’s about it guys. A massage, is similar to life – you need to be very specific with what you want.

And tell the person that’s actually giving you the massage to do it the correct way. Also with the price as it always comes up, so most people like massages, but not everyone can afford it. It’s kind of expensive, especially if you go for many sessions. So what I used to do or tell my patients to do, if, or if you find someone that you like and you’ve been there three, four, three or four times and everything checks out,you feel relaxed, then it’s a good massage, blah, blah, blah. And you would like to go for many sessions, then you would just, tell them a therapist recommended this and that you really like the sessions.

So if that massages are giving you or helping you reduce your back pain, then you can tell them, “So I was wondering, and I’m willing to sign up for 15 or 20 and massages, maybe go once or twice a month, but I need to get the price down a bit. So is it, or are you able to give me a bit of a reduction for the price, if I sign up for that many times and I come regularly.?”

And most of them they will, knock off like 15-20 or 30% of the price, per massage if you do that. So that’s something you can do to reduce the price. Guys, that’s about it for a day, okay?

I love you. Take care and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. And guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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