BPS #043: Warning Signs That You Need A New Back Pain Expert…

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we are going to talk about warning signs of back pain experts that might not be the best fit for you.

We’re, basically going to talk about back pain experts that’s not doing their, job in the correct manner. So listen up guys. Tip Number one, very, important this thing with appointment times. And when you work as a back pain expert or any profession like where you treat patients, there could be some delays, you’re working with people and sometimes people, are in great pain. They might start to cry and there is a lot of emotions going on. They can get more pain from the treatment. So sometimes there is a delay a few minutes at least. And as a patient you should expect that and have respect for that because we’re trying to treat the person with the dignity and respect.

But if you visit the same person, the same back pain expert over and over again, and there’s always like a 15 to 20 minute delay, that’s a bit of a warning sign. He or she should be able to keep the time limit like in a few minutes. Delay is okay, but not that, especially if it just goes on. Warning sign number one.

Also warning sign number two, if the appointment starts off directly with the money issue, you’re know if they’re trying to like the, like the first thing more or less before they say hello, then that’s also kind of a warning sign. Number three, warning signs when you’re visiting back pain expert, if he starts, he or she starts to treat you without examining you first or taking your medical history. Very important. You don’t want someone to like touch your body and do stuff to your body and they don’t know your background.

And they don’t know your current conditions, what kind of, length your muscles have if you’re in pain in specific movements. So they definitely need to talk to you before they start doing stuff to your body and also do some examinations of your back neck or where you’re in pain. Very, important. Also, if, the back pain expert promises that he or she can treat like cancer or genetic diseases or stuff like that, any claims like that, it’s big, big warning signs and you should just get your clothes and get the hell out of there quick. Big Time. More warning signs.

Warning sign number five. And if the back pain experts actually trying to get more customers through you. If you come for treatment, he eh, the back pain experts focus should be on you and solely you.

He should not be trying to get your friends, family and loved ones in there to, get treatment from you. If the treatment is good enough and you have good results, then you’re, normally gonna recommend him to, friends and family. So don’t say if it’s like a long pitch fest, when you go in and you have the treatment, that’s also big warning sign, okay?

You want to keep away from that and the more stuff you should watch out for, if something goes wrong. This is a big thing. When you’re working with people and this has happened to me as well. There can always stuff that happens to the body. You can get more pain from some of the treatment that you show , that’s normal. It’s not something which means that your back pain expert is a bad expert.

It just means that sometimes stuff happens and as a back pain expert, you should always document good stuff and bad stuff that happens in your, in your treatment room. So if something bad happens and you’re experiencing more pain as a bad expert, bad back pain expert might like try to quiet you down, like trying to give you a discount or tried to just quite things over.

That’s the wrong way to do it. What you should do as a good back pain expert is you document all this stuff that has happened good and bad. And if the patient is very unsatisfied with the treatment, they should send in the papers to a higher authority to get the, treatment checked out. It’s the way it should be. It’s very important. And there’s also some back pain experts and they don’t want you to have the second opinion.

Like I told you on the podcast before that the back stuff is really complicated. And if you’re gone for a few visits to the back pain expert and the person can’t really give you an answer on what you have or what to expect, then you might, really need to go to another back pain expert and get a second opinion. I recommend you to do that.

I also tell my patients, that, I’m not God, I don’t know everything. I know a bit about back pain and there’s usually something I can do, but there’s absolutely people out there that, that have other knowledge, in fact more knowledge than me or have done other training and they might be able to fix the problem. So if your back pain expert actually tells you after five or six visits, and tells you, “Hey, I don’t really know 100% what you have, so you might want to go to this person so they can check you out.”

That is actually a sign that the back pain expert is very serious and they’re very good back paintings expert. But because the person has your best interest in mind, and, not just making the money so that’s very good. And the back pain expert should be able to give you some estimation on how many times a treatment should be done and what you’re going to go for. Might be like a ball park figure like five or six or eight to 10. But if you ask them and they say, “Well, I don’t have a clue. And so it’s a bit of a warning sign.”

And also if you go for five, six, seven visits and nothing happens, and you’re not better, you’re even worse, and the back pain expert can’t really give you a diagnosis, well then it might be time just to, get out and find someone else.

Okay, guys, and that’s a few of the tips. Take care. And I love you. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. And guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain.

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