BPS #046: Reduce Back Pain By Pay Attention To Others

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we are going to talk about how you can reduce your back pain by paying attention to other people.

Guys, that’s what today’s episode about. And this is a topic that might seem a bit strange, but it really works. So, listen carefully, listen to the whole episode. And when you’re in pain, specifically in back pain, it’s very easy. We’re obviously, when you’re in back pain, you want the pain, reduce your back pain can, you don’t want to make it worse. And when you don’t want to make it worse, it’s easy to have this personalized to that, but that you get a bit panicky. You’re very panicky and everything is just about you. It’s very like egotism. It’s just you, and you don’t want to make the pain worse.

What happens when you have that? That, attitude, this panicky attitude and his egotism, it actually can increase your back pain guys. It can increase your back pain. So how do you break that? Well there’s many ways. Obviously there’s not just one way, but one way that’s cheap doesn’t cost you anything and it’s quite quick and it is very effective it’s actually paying attention to other people around you. Paintings into to people around you. And I was in back pain myself for three years when I was playing hot ice hockey, like 20 years back, I injured my back big time for three years. I was struggling day night, tried to reduce my back pain.. And this was one of the tactics that I use and also one of the tack, this cactus that I give my patients tips to use.

And it works okay? Just give it a go. So first off, by paying attention to other people around you, okay? Genuinely what that, what happens is that that will build confidence in your body, and that will definitely give you confidence, will also give you charisma, okay? And those two things, we’ll give you more energy and that can absolutely reduce your back pain?

Because your mind is not just focusing on you and your back pain. You were actually thinking about other things. And that tricks your brain. It seems a bit strange, but it really works. So what to do? How do I do this? How do I show other people attention? So I’m going to give you a few tips here. Number one, smile. For Christ’s sakes guys, just smile when you meet someone. Give the big grin. Big Grin.

Well, that does actually in your brain, it shoots out endorphins.. There’s Chris, there’s actually a study I read about this way back when. When they had this, these people that were clinically depressed. They were on heavy medication, big time medication depressants.. So they headed, this group for a study I think 20 or 30 days. And the only thing they had to do was to stand in front of the mirror and have a big grin.

They’re just smiling for by 10 minutes every day. And after that, like the 15, 15 or 13 or 14 days of this trial, the majority, all of them, had reduced their depressant medicine big time. Because there were tricking their brain. So that’s one benefit. The other benefit is all so that the person that you meet are all people that you meet seem to become more friendly. That also creates a feeling of belonging, okay? That people actually enjoy hanging out with you. So for Christ sakes, smile guys. Look someone in the eye and smile when you meet them.

Number two, give them an honest compliment. Compliment. Nope, I’m not saying that you should make stuff up, but usually when you meet someone, there’s always something that could have like a nice eyes or hair or a nice beard or whatever. Just give them an honest compliment and do it in, in a, in a nice way.

Number three, show people that you hang out with that you enjoy hanging out with them. Make sure that you create a feeling that, they know that you love hanging out with them. You do that by laughing and looking at them, asking them questions?

Just put some energy, into the conversation, when you meet someone, number four, refer back to things, to what the other person talked about. If they talk about a topic and they earn and they’re telling you stuff and then the conversation goes on that you can actually refer back to that. Because it was interesting.

That will also create a feeling that you’re actually paying attention on what they’re saying and then also find out their interest guys. It’s a craze – this goes back to when I was dating. It’s crazy. My Dad passed away now many years back. But what he said, you know, when I start to go out with the girls and, and he was not interested in the other six because he was a bit nervous, he didn’t know what to say and all of that but he said. ” Just have a bunch of questions. “

So I actually, when I started dating, this is kind of embarrassing. What did I memorize? Like 30 or 40 questions that I always had in my head.. So when I meet this girl and the first thing I did, I just started to ask her questions about her or her interest, blah, blah, blah, anything, I had these 30 questions and it most of the time she was doing the talking during the day.

These women were just talking to me and I was just asking them questions. I became like the interviewer. And what that did a obviously not everyone got it. I got attracted by that, but the majority from found the date quite nice because it was just asking the questions and they were talking and I was listening and I was paying attention to them.

This worked like in every way when you meet other people, business, whatever, you know, just start to ask a lot of questions and listened to what they have to say. That will definitely create an environment that the other person feels like you’re paying attention to them.

Number six, you need need to give up this false shyness that people are walking around today. Everyone, but the majority of people are walking around and trying to be someone they’re not. They are for some reason societies has created an environment that everyone’s trying to be someone else. Everyone’s walking around and trying to not show the real person or who they are. And it’s bad. It’s bad for society. It’s bad for you? And it’s not good.

Be You, Some people will like you and some people will not like you. That’s okay? That’s the way it goes. But what it will create, it will create a feeling for you that you don’t need to put on the, like the mask every day you go out and face the world. You can be yourself. And that takes away a lot of stress.

So guys, try these tips out. They really work. I know when you were, in fact, when you have back pain, it’s very easy to become very stiff, closed and just afraid. But you need to break out of that shell!

Okay guys, that’s all for today. Take care. I love you and guys, remember you’re just one step away from healing your back pain. Bye. Bye.

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