BPS #65 How can I cure my back pain?

This is Robin from the Back Pain Secrets Podcast, and today’s question is, how can I cure my back pain? I have a little thing for you before this. I have a little episode that happened in my life here the other day that just started to get me to think.

My son and his friend, they had like their first double date with two girls. We went to the amusement park. I was babysitting them. They didn’t really want to hang around with me so I was sitting at a café, just working along there and trying to get my website to convert. They were coming back and forth asking me for money and stuff.

When I saw these four small kids, you know, they’re like 10-11 years old, I actually remembered the first time I went on a date, with a girl, how giggly I was and how much butterflies I had in my belly and how awkward I felt.

I remember the feeling I had. Now, I’m a 46-year-old man. I have a graze in my beard. I got a bit of a stomach and just life, you know, has happened to me. I have two kids myself, with my wife. We have our family.

I just came to think about it that life is so precious. We have a few years on earth and we really need to make them count. I had this epiphany, you know, almost like, make every minute count because we’re here for a very, very short period of time and then we’re gone. Who knows what’s going on after that?

Guys, please, value life, okay? Don’t piss it all away. Do something important. Do something fun. Do something that you love. Take care of your family. Spend time with your friends. Don’t spend all your time in the office all the time.

Okay, guys. So back to today’s question. What do you need to do — how do I cure my back pain? To give you a bit of a back story here, I’m going to talk about Danny. We can call him Danny. This is a patient I had a few years back. Of course, it’s not his real name. I made it up.

Danny, anyway, he was into marketing. He was about 35-36 years old, and he was very much into his appearance. He had the nice suit on, the expensive suit, nice expensive shoes, always went for an expensive haircut.

He was working out like seven days a week, and he’s very, very particular what he was eating. He’s all on all kinds of different diets and stuff, and he was also afraid because his mom and his dad, both of them had had big problems with back pain, when he was growing up. Part of him like doing all these exercises and really trying to stay fit was to try to counteract his genetics.

Also his mom and dad were quite overweight. When he was growing up, he was quite ashamed of them because they were so overweight, and he didn’t want to be overweight himself.

He was really struggling with this because he liked to eat a lot of crap. When he was growing up, that’s all the stuff that he was eating, hamburgers, hot dogs, all that crap.

Anyway, he was on this mission to keep fit and not get back pain. But then after he had a business trip to Italy. He was on the plane and just when he walked off the plane, you know, the steps down from the plane, he slipped and he fell and he started to have back pain after that.

This stuff had been going on for quite a while now, and that like the external stuff he was struggling with now was to keep up appearance. He wanted to go to the gym. He wanted to do all this stuff. But internally, he felt like he couldn’t really do it. He felt like almost ashamed to go to the gym because he couldn’t do this stuff that he used to do in front of his buddies, and also he started to spend more time at home, watching the TV, watching Netflix, just eating, feeling sorry for himself you know, and slipping back into these old habits that he had when he was growing up, that he was so ashamed of.

He’s sitting at home there, eating crap, eating ice cream, watching Netflix, and the back pain was just irritating him big-time, all the time. He hit kind of a wall, okay, because he got a call from his parents, and they had actually moved down to Spain now. His dad was having some form of heart operation or something like that.

He needed to go to Spain. He got on a plane. He got one of those braces that you can actually have around your back to have that on the plane. When he came down, both of his parents were in quite bad shape. His dad was in the hospital and his mom, that was almost 80 now, started to get a bit senile, as well.

It was very sad, the whole situation for him, and he thought for himself, I really have to beat this back pain stuff. I can’t just let this beat me. What do I need to do to cure my back pain, was his question? What do I need to do to cure my back pain? This was the question that he asking himself constantly during this trip.

When he came home, he went online and he did all kinds of research, and he started to follow and visit all kinds of different back pain experts. He went to a physio. He went to an osteopath, a naturopath, a masseuse therapist, personal trainers.

They all was helping him in different ways, and they were all nice to him, but they were all giving him different advice what to do. He felt very, very confused. He had this personality as well that he wanted to do everything and be like, he was a high achiever, so he starts to do everything that everyone was telling him.

That didn’t work. First off, it made him very, very tired, cranky and also it increased his pain because he was doing too much stuff. Sorry. I’m walking up the hill here. It’s quite heavy.

He achieved like, he found all the people that he needed, but he didn’t like think for himself. That’s also something that you, if you’re suffering from back pain, you really need to like think for yourself, as well. You can’t follow everyone’s advice. You can’t follow all the advice that’s in the newspapers and stuff. You have to seek out people that have had back pain or have had a proven track-record to treat back pain and come highly recommended and you need to listen to them.

You need to stop listening to a lot of the other people. You can’t do everything. He actually came to me after about a year. He’d been going through this trial and error, trial and error. The first thing I asked Danny was Hey, buddy. What’s the stuff that actually feels nice, that you enjoy doing, that you don’t get more pain of doing?

Well, he said, definitely not yoga. I can’t do yoga. All that twisting and turning just irritates my back. Well, then I told him, don’t do that. Just stop doing yoga. Well, this and this person told me to do that. Well, do this and this person have your back? No. Well, stop doing yoga.

Then he went into something called CrossFit. It’s high-intensity training with weights and your body weight. I asked him you know, who’s told you this? Well, my buddy that’s like a very fit, like Marine, told me this. Well, does he have your back, Danny?

No. No, he doesn’t have my problems. Well, stop doing CrossFit. It’s just b.s. You shouldn’t be lifting heavy weights or twisting and turning. You should be doing low-impact stuff. Now, you’ve been telling me Danny, what’s not working. Tell me what is working?

Well, I kind of like walking he told me but I feel bad when I’m just walking because I don’t really feel like I’m getting a workout. Well, what is the stuff that you feel is doing the most for you that you feel the best stuff?

Well, it’s walking and also being in water and not doing the breaststroke, more or less like doing the crawl. And also just walk in the water or even run in the water. You can have one of those wet vests on when you’re doing it.

I told him, you know, I’m not even going to give you an exercise Danny. I just think you should follow what your body is already telling you what to do, and stop going to visit people. Stop visiting me as well for like six months. Just do your own thing. Listen to your body.

You’ve been an athlete, a fitness freak, for almost like 20 years now. You know your body better than anyone else, and you need to listen to your body and not just say that you’re stupid and you need someone else to tell you what to do.

You have all the information already. Just keep on listening to your body, what feels good to do, do more of that, and do less of the other stuff. Then you come to me in six months’ time and we can have a chat.

He looked very confused when I gave him this information. He told me, well I thought you were going to heal me. No, I said. Danny, I’m not going to heal you. No one can heal you. You can only heal yourself. I’m your coach. I can guide you in the right directions, but you have to do the work. You have to do your own thinking.

If you just want someone to crack your back and get you out so you reduce your pain quick, you’re in the wrong place. That’s not going to happen, okay?

So he left. Danny left and he came back after like I think eight months actually. He told me that 80% of his back pain was all gone, and he started to go to the gym now, but he went three times a week. He was doing his morning walks every morning. He started to do some meditation as well, this transcendental meditation that he really enjoyed that had calmed him down quite a bit.

He enjoyed that and he visited his folks in Spain a few times. His dad was actually doing much better. His mom was also doing better. They got her into some form of a home for dementia. He felt like he had taken care of them, and he understood that he was doing a lot of good stuff in his life before, but now he did kind of a shift.

He’s not just working with his body. He’s also working with his mind, and he understood that he needs to relax a bit more and just enjoy life and don’t take himself too serious all the time.

That’s something that really happens to quite a few of us. We live on this earth and we think that we’re the center of all attention. That if we don’t do exactly what we need to do, then the world is going to go under or whatever.

But really, we need to just more or less take care of ourselves. Make sure that we take care of our body, our mind, and then be nice to people around us. That’s about it. You also have to enjoy life definitely and be thankful for all the stuff you have.

That was something that Danny told me very, very, very in-depth. That he was feeling so thankful now that he actually had beat this back pain, and now he also understood that beating this back pain had also given him quite a few lessons about life, how you should think in a broader picture as well, not just do this exercise and do that.

It’s a lot of mental stuff as well when you have back pain. Okay, guys. I know I’ve been ranting now for quite a bit here, but it’s important stuff. I really hope you got some value from it. If you like these podcasts, please share them. Send them to friends that you think could benefit from them if they have back pain.

If you have any questions, put them down into the chat. Email me. I want to make these podcasts really helpful for you guys. I’m on a mission to help 1 million people to reduce their back pain and I’m getting there.

It’s very inspirational for me and that’s what I love to do. I’m really passionate around it. Also if you want to speed up the process to reduce your back pain, I mean, to get some real results quicker, then you can also visit backpainsecrets.com.

I just released version 6 of my webpage. My book is selling quite good. Go and visit. Have a look at that. Take care guys. I love you. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Guys, remember, you’re just one step away from healing your back pain. Bye-bye.

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