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BPS #055 What Can Make Sciatica Worse

Today, we’re going to talk about what can make your sciatica pain worse? There are quite a few things that can make them worse. So as always, I’m going to give you a bit of a backstory here. I had this patient a year, year and a half back. We can call her Jenny. She’s 45 years old. She’s female and she’s had sciatica for the past six months. It’s just driving her crazy. Especially in the morning, she’d find it very, very irritating in the morning when she’s trying to rise out of bed. Especially getting dressed is just a big, big drag for her, before like the two to three hours in the beginning in the morning are the worse for her.

She’s just really, really irritated about the whole thing. She’s trying to take a few cold showers because she had that tip given to her. That’s helping some but still not quite a bit.

So internally, she’s very depressed. She feels anxiety and she’s telling me that that pain was just taking the pleasure out of everything. She didn’t feel pleasure or joy in anything. Jenny loves to swim and she was on the team when she was up in high school, and she ...

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BPS #054 Is Heat Or Cold Better For Sciatica Pain

Today, we’re going to talk about is heat or cold better for sciatica pain? To give you a bit of a backstory here, I’m going to tell you this story about Tanya. Of course, that’s a made-up name, but Tanya is a real person. She’s 20 years old. She’s female and she’s eight months pregnant. She has a lot of sciatica pain down her left leg.

She’s not taking any pain medication. She doesn’t want to take an MRI. She doesn’t want to have any treatment whatsoever, because she’s really afraid that anything that she does is going to affect her baby in her stomach.

She has had two miscarriages before so she’s very, very conscious about that. She doesn’t want to do anything that could slightly have any chance to affect the baby. So that’s what we have to work with. So internally, of course, as a mother eight months pregnant, she’s feeling really stressed, just even if you don’t have sciatica or back pain, if you have a kid.

She’s gained 20 kilos. She has aches and pains all over her body, and she can barely walk. She’s actually using crutches at the moment walki ...

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BPS #053 Does Sciatica Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Today, we’re going to talk about does sciatica get worse before it gets better? Before this, I have to tell you a bit of a story here about my technical skills, okay, that are just awful.

As you could see, I’m dragging my feet today. I’ve slept in a bit. I’ve been up all night, trying to figure some technical stuff out, and I was wondering if you also are a technical idiot like I am.

Like you guys know, I’m on a mission to help one million back pain sufferers to reduce or heal their back pain. In order for me to do that, I need to get my message out. So I wrote this book. I have some online courses on back pain and it’s all online, right?

So I needed to hire some tech nerds, and they’re always laughing at me, because I had such stupid questions. At least that’s what they’re telling me. So the big joke in the company right now is, let’s build it in a way that Robin can actually use it. If Robin can use it anyone can use it. So I love my tech nerds you know. They keep this going.

I got the back-pain knowledge but I wouldn’t be able to get them out. So guys out there, wher ...

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BPS #052 Why Does Sciatica Get Worse At Night

Today, we’re going to talk about why does sciatica pain get worse at night? But before that, I want to take some time and just talk about date night, okay? Just bear with me guys. I’m going to stick to the topic, but this is important.

Like I told you guys, I’ve been married for 15 years. We’ve been together for 20. We have two beautiful kids, and we love our kids you know, but sometimes as a parent, the parents need to be alone. For the first few years, until they were like eight, nine, ten, we didn’t really do that, me and my wife. The kids were more or less always with us, but now when they’re older, we can actually have time for this date night.

So it doesn’t need to be fancy or anything, but take some time. If you’ve been in any relationship, especially if you’ve been in a long relationship, go out with your partner and do some stuff where there’s just the two of you, that you need to spend time.

It’s easy between work and kids and relatives and friends and all of that, that that gets lost in the mixture. So this has made a big, big — it̵ ...

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BPS #051: Is Walking Good For Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Today, we’re going to talk about or answer the question, is walking good when you have sciatica pain? But before that, I need to address something. You see, this shirt and guys, if you are just listening to the podcast, we also have a video podcast, but you can go back and look at that then.

Anyway, I have this shirt on okay, and I’m getting all kinds of questions from people all around the world asking me “Why are you just wearing the same shirt?

Well, I’m not mixing it up a bit. As I told you guys that I’m on vacation and when I go on vacation, I pack it very light. I have like two shirts, two pairs of underwear, two pairs of socks, one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, and I just wear that and I’ll wash it. So it’s clean but I can’t be switching around my wardrobe too much when I’m traveling.

And that’s also good back pain tip you know. If you are traveling, you should really try to pack light. It’s just less stuff to walk around with. Anyway, back to today’s question and a lot of questions come in from people that have sciatica, and they’re asking me you know, why is i ...

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BPS #050: What Is The Best Painkiller For Sciatica?

Today, we are going to talk about what is the best painkiller for sciatica? But before I start, I need to tell you a little story. Like I told you guys, yesterday, I’m on vacation and it’s going great, but I wonder if some of you guys back home there might have the same problems with your kids?

They’re into their phones, their iPads, their TV, and they’re consuming this social media so much, constantly. There’s a big discussion every day you know, how much time they should be able to spend on their phones, their iPads, and blah blah, blah.

Like I told you guys, I’m on this quest right to help 1 million back pain sufferers and doing this, I’m listening to all kinds of different podcasts, trying to get some ideas how to market my message better to the world.

I listened to a podcast the other day here and someone had quite an interesting spin on this with social media. What they told me on the podcast was that they were not like consumers of social media. They were actually producers of social media content.

And that like really stuck with me and I had this discussion with my son. His name is James. Jame ...

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BPS #049: How Do I Stop My Sciatica From Coming Back?

Today, we are going to talk about how do I stop my sciatica from coming back? But before that, I want you to ask you guys if you have a similar problem like I have. I’m on vacation right now. I have my beautiful wife here, Linda, and my two kids and still you know, there’s always this small work-related stuff that comes up and it’s hard to just focus and leave all of that.

So I actually did something yesterday. We have this dollar store here in the town I live. So I went in and I got this mug. Do you see that? Number one dad? Of course, I’m not the number one dad of all times, but I keep this on my desk to just keep me focused you know, that I need to spend time on the stuff that’s really important to me, my family, and not just do the work-related stuff. So that’s a little tip for you, whatever works for you.

Okay, back to today’s story. Today, I’m going to talk about Frank. Frank is this 30-year-old carpenter. He has had back pain and sciatica for almost three years off and on you know, depending on what he was doing.

Some days, it was really bad. He had this knife feeling in his buttock, radiati ...

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BPS #048: What Happens If Sciatica Is Left Untreated?

Whooyah! This is Robin from the Back Pain Secret Podcast and today, we are going to talk about what happens if sciatica is left untreated?

Before I start, I have to tell a funny story. So like I told you guys, on the podcast yesterday, I drove off to my mom. I’m spending two or three days here before my family comes, Linda and my two kids.

So yesterday, I did the podcast. I just flicked the camera on, and there was an old pair of underwear hanging up in the back. So my wife, when I posted this online, she got on my case. She gave me a call and told me, “Robin, you’ve got to shape up, man. You can’t be posting stuff when you have your underwear in the background.”

So today, I got some new scenery, okay? I got the big wall here, with a big bookshelf. So I hope that’s there for you honey. I promise. No more underwear.

And if you’re just listening to the podcast, I’m also doing the video podcast, so if you want to go back and see that, it’s like Episode 46, or something like that.

Anyway, today, what happens if sciatica is left untreated? To give you a bit of a backstory here, Stan was ...

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BPS #047: How Long Does It Take For Sciatic Nerve To Heal?

Today we are going to talk about how long does it take for a sciatica nerve to heal?

It’s been a while since I did the podcast, like two or three weeks, and I’m sorry about that. It’s just because I’ve been really, really busy.

I’m on a mission as you guys know. I’m trying to help 1 million back pain sufferers to reduce or heal their back pain and doing this, the first thing was that I wrote this book, Back Pain Secrets.

I got the website up and I started to sell a few copies, but the thing also was that I was getting requests all around the world from people wanting my advice on their back.

The thing with me, I’ve been in business for quite a while now, many, many years. In the beginning, when I started to do the business, I wanted everything to be perfect. You know, everything needed to be picture-perfect before I launched anything.

Now, I’ve been around for a while. So first things, I just launched stuff. I get stuff up and then I see the reaction and then I make corrections to do that. So with this project, I didn’t really have any systems in order, okay? So I was just fl ...

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BPS #046: Reduce Back Pain By Pay Attention To Others

Hey guys, this is Robin Wakeham from the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we are going to talk about how you can reduce your back pain by paying attention to other people.

Guys, that’s what today’s episode about. And this is a topic that might seem a bit strange, but it really works. So, listen carefully, listen to the whole episode. And when you’re in pain, specifically in back pain, it’s very easy. We’re obviously, when you’re in back pain, you want the pain, reduce your back pain can, you don’t want to make it worse. And when you don’t want to make it worse, it’s easy to have this personalized to that, but that you get a bit panicky. You’re very panicky and everything is just about you. It’s very like egotism. It’s just you, and you don’t want to make the pain worse.

What happens when you have that? That, attitude, this panicky attitude and his egotism, it actually can increase your back pain guys. It can increase your back pain. So how do you break that? Well there’s many ways. Obviously there’s not just one way, but one way that’s cheap doesn’t cost ...

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