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BPS #005: What is the world’s DUMBEST back pain question?

What’s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and welcome to the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to talk about the world’s DUMBEST back pain question?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a really fun experience/experiment, and I want to share, because I think there’s some value in it for everybody.

I’ve been asking a question to a few of my back-pain clients lately.

That question is…”what is the world’s dumbest question?”

Most back pain clients, whether they are intelligent or not, have no response. You can see their face go blank when you ask the question.

It’s a tough one.

Not many people have ever thought about it before or been asked the question.

While some back pain sufferers had no answer at all, I did get some interesting ones.

One client told me:

“The world’s dumbest question is the one not asked due to fear of rejection, which if asked could have led to opportunity.”


It’s definitely an amazing answer and I agree with him.

However, the answer I was actually looking f ...

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BPS #004 Albert Einstein’s Secret To Healing Back Pain…

What’s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and welcome to the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to talk about Albert Einstein’s secret to healing back pain…

Good morning, everyone. While I was showering this morning, I had some interesting thoughts about how insane we humans can be sometimes myself included…

Most of us have our own idea of what insanity is.

Maybe it’s the homeless guy preaching to pigeons on the street.

Maybe it’s people who jump out of planes “for fun.”

Or maybe it’s just running a marathon.

Whatever your view of insanity is…it does have a definition.

Insanity has been defined as “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein. A pretty smart guy said that:

By his definition insanity would be adding 2 + 2 again and again expecting to equal 5 at some point.

Or jumping up and down over and over expecting you’ll eventually jump high enough to hit the moon.

Or more realistically…doing exactly what you’ve been doing for the past year, 2 years, or 5 years and expecting things to ...

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What’s up guys. This is Robin Wakeham and welcome to the Back Pain Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to talk about why you should treat your back pain like a bullet wound…

Hey everyone a few weeks back a man visited my office we can call him Bob. Bob is a white middle-aged 45-year-old male who sells insurance. He is married with two children and his kids drive him crazy at least that was what he was telling me ha ha!!  He told me he would rather be doing something else so he can spend more time with his wife and kids and enjoy being a father instead of being run ragged. He was wearing khaki pants, brown loafer shoes and a blue shirt and tie. He looked very sad and just like he had given up on life.

He told me that for two years now he had been suffering from back pain. When I asked him if he did any exercise, were using a standing desk or had visited any other back pain specialist during these two year he just looked at me. He told me I don´t have time for any of that. I spend 80% of my time at work and the rest with my wife and kids. He continued to tell me that he just wanted me to crack his back and loosen up his tight back muscles.


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BPS 31: Understanding Different Types of Back Pain

Knowing about the different types of pain will help you in better pain control. Pain can be divided into different categories. The treatment of a pain depends on the source and diagnosis of pain. In this post, you will learn about different types of pain.

Acute Pain

Acute pain lasts for a short time. The typical duration of an acute pain is around three to six months. This pain is generally related to tissue damage. Pain due to touching a hot stove, a needle prick, or a paper cut is known as acute pain. Other examples of acute pain include pain due to hitting one’s fingers with a hammer and childbirth pain.

Chronic Pain

When pain lasts for more than six months, the pain is known as chronic pain. This type of pain occurs when the tissue has not healed thereby causing pain. Degenerative disc disease and physical deconditioning due to lack of exercise and result in chronic pain. Sometimes chronic pain is not physical, but emotional in nature. This type of pain is caused due to emotional tension due to anxiety and depression.

Chronic pain can be divided into two types.

-Chronic Benign Pain — The type of chronic pain is caused by visce ...

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BPS 30: What are the Treatment Options for Neck Pain?

Neck pain is common in the US. The pain affects millions of people every year. In this post, we will explain different types of treatment options for neck pain.

Nonsurgical Treatment Option

Doctors recommend self-care as initial treatment for managing pain. Here are some of the nonsurgical treatment options of acute neck pain.


Most of the times, neck pain goes away on its own. Proper rest for a few days can accelerate the healing process of the neck tendons and muscles. During the healing period, it’s important to avoid strenuous movements and activities that may exacerbate pain.

Ice Massage or Heat Therapy

Ice massage or heat therapy can also help reduce pain. Initially, ice is applied to the affected area. Application of ice can reduce pain and swelling by closing small blood muscles. This prevents the swelling from getting worse. Next, heat and ice can be applied on an alternative basis to reduce pain.

Back Massage

Back massage can help soothe muscle spasms and tension. It will stimulate the circulation thereby accelerating the healing process. As a result, the pain subsides on its own within a few hours after a massage.

Improved Pos ...

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BPS 29: What are the Causes and Treatment of a Neck Strain?

A neck strain happens when fibers in a neck muscle stretches and tears. The injury is also known as pulled muscle. The pain in case of a neck strain vary in intensity. A neck strain generally heals on its own. However, in some cases surgical treatment is required.

Causes of Neck Strain

A neck sprain normally occurs due to an injury of the neck’s soft tissues. The neck contains more than twenty muscles. These muscles support the upright position of the head. They also help facilitate the movements of the neck, head, jaw, shoulders, and upper back.

The muscles consist of muscles fibers. Within each fiber are myofibrils that perform muscle contractions. When the muscle stretches or overexerts, small tears can develop in the tendon, muscle, or the connective tissue between the tendon and muscle.

Extensive neck strains result in inflammation that result in additional pain and swelling. It also requires a longer recovery period. The healing period depends on the muscle fibers that have been torn due to the injury.

While there are many types of neck muscles, the following two muscles are at increased risk of strain.


The kite sized musc ...

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BPS 28: What Does Neck Grinding and Cracking Mean?

A cracking noise can sometimes be heard during movement of the neck. In some cases, the sound of snapping, grinding or popping may be heard when moving the neck. These sounds can be heard when moving the joints as well.

Most people have heard grinding or cracking of the neck at some point. The sound may be heard when turning the head when backing up the car. Generally, the sounds should not be a matter of a concern. However, if it occurs with other symptoms such as after a trauma or injury, it could be due to a serious medical problem.

About Neck Grinding and Cracking

Neck cracking and grinding are generally painless. It is can also sometimes be accompanied by different degrees of neck pain. The pain can range from dull aches to acute pains.

Generally, older people experience cracking or grinding of the neck, which is also known as neck crepitus. However, sometimes younger people can also experience neck pain. The frequency of neck grinding and cracking generally vary. Some people may experience pain after a few months, while others may experience the pain every day during neck movement.

Although neck crepitus can happen with arthritis, but the fact i ...

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BPS 27: What are the Causes and Treatment of a Stiff Neck?

Stiff neck rest results in soreness and difficulty in moving the neck. The pain generally occurs when trying to move the head to the side. It may also be accompanied with a neck pain, headache, arm pain, or shoulder pain. An individual may need to turn the entire body in order to look sideways in case of a stiff neck.

How a patient manages a stiff neck will determine the recovery period, pain level, and likely treatment of the condition.

What Causes a Stiff Neck?

Stiffness in the neck can occur due to many reasons. The most common reason for a stiff neck is a soft tissue sprain or a muscle strain. The levator scapulae muscle that connects the cervical spine with the shoulder controls the C3 and C4 cervical nerves. This muscle may become strained due to common activities such as:

-Sudden impact or fall that pushes the head to the sides -Sleeping in an awkward position -Turning the head to the side repeatedly when performing certain actions such as the front crawl stroke -Slouching forward to look at the computer screen -Excessive anxiety or stress can result in tension in the neck -Holding the neck in a position that causes strain in the neck such as holding a ...

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BPS 26: What is the Cause of Chronic Neck Pain?

The neck consists of a network of bones, nerves, joints, and muscles. These body parts are directed by the spinal cord and the brain. They provide strength and stability to the body.

A number of different problems can result in neck pain. Irritation along the pathway of the nerve may result in pain in the head, arm, hand, and shoulder. Spinal cord irritation can result in pain in the legs and areas below the neck.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Most symptoms of neck pain subside within a few weeks. In case the neck pain persists, it signals some serious underlying medical problem. Early intervention is necessary for such a situation to provide relief from pain.

Some of the symptoms of neck pain include the following.

-Stabbing or sharp pain in one area -A stiff neck that results in difficulty in turning the head -Tenderness or soreness in the neck -Pain that radiates to the arms, shoulders, or fingers -Tingling or weakness in the arms, shoulder, or fingers -Trouble in lifting objects or gripping -Problems in balance, coordination, and walking -Loss or bowel or bladder control.

Symptoms of neck pain can be minor in some cases. In other cases, the symptoms can ...

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BPS 25: What are the Treatment Options for Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease?

Cervical degenerative disc occurs when the spinal disc near the neck becomes damaged. Pain from cervical degenerative disc disease can be alleviated through self-care and non- surgical options. However, in case the pain does not subside, surgery may be required.

In this article, we will look at both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for cervical degenerative disc disease.

Non-surgical Treatment Plans 1. Pain Management with Injection and Medications

Doctors may recommend pain-relieving medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or others for cervical disk pain. If the pain-relieving medications do not provide pain relief, doctors may recommend stronger medications such as muscle relaxants medication Vicodin or oral steroids. Also, doctors may recommend injections such as cervical facet injection or an epidural steroid injection to deliver medications directly to the affected area.

2. Lifestyle Changes

Certain actions like craning the neck when looking at the computer or mobile screen, flexing the neck forward when driving, or slouching when standing can cause damage to the cervical spinal disc. Modifying actions to refrain from such actions will result ...

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