BPS 10: Herniated Disk Symptoms and Causes…

Herniated Disc—what is it?

It’s a problem associated with one of the disks located between the vertebrae that are stacked together to make the spine. This spinal disk is like a rubbery cushion which is encased in a tough exterior, while the center of the disk is soft.

A herni ...

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BPS 9: What are the Symptoms and Causes of Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatica is associated with a feeling of pain, weaknesses, and numbness. Symptoms of sciatic pain differ but generally involve a pain in the buttocks. Sometimes the pain is felt in the back of the thigh, calf, or even just the toes.

Keep in mind that sciatica involves radicular pain that o ...

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BPS 8: What are the Common Treatment Options for Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Sciatic nerve pain in most cases goes away over time. But if the pain does not subside with time, medical treatment should be sought.

For most people, simple non surgical methods and regular exercise are effective. A structure treatment option, including surgery, is necessary in case of pe ...

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BPS 7: What You Need to Know About Piriformis Syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome is a neuro-muscular disorder. The condition occurs when the piriformis muscle compresses resulting in pain. The muscle can also cause irritation in the sciatic nerve located nearby. It can result in pain, tingling, and numbness along the back of the leg.

In this post, y ...

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BPS 6: Sciatica Nerve Pain — What are the Symptoms and Treatment?

Sciatica is a term that is used for leg pain that originates at the lumbar (lower back). In addition, to leg pain, the individual also experiences a numbness and tingling sensation in the area. The pain seems to travel through the buttocks down towards the large sciatic nerve. This nerve is locat ...

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BPS 5: What are the Common Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disk is a painful condition that affects the cervical spine, lumbar spine, and the thoracic spine. Each location of the herniated disk pain results in different symptoms. In this article, you will learn about some of the commons symptoms associated with a herniated disc at each locati ...

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BPS 4: Important Information About Lumbar Herniated Disc…

Spinal disks act as a shock absorber between the vertebrae. They support the upper body allowing movement in all direction. When the disc herniates, the inner material of the disc leaks resulting in pain. The pain can occur in the neck, upper back, or lower back area depending on the location of ...

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BPS 3: What are the Herniated Disc Treatment Options?

The herniated disc treatment aims to provide pain relief to patients. The exact treatment plan for a herniated disc depends on different factors. Some of the factors that determine individualized treatment plan include severity of pain, the source of the pain, and specific symptoms of the pain.

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BPS 2: What are the Symptoms and Treatment Options for Cervical Herniated Disc?

Cervical herniated disc refers to a condition when the gel-like center of the cervical disc ruptures. It occurs due to a neck injury or trauma. Pain is felt when the inner core of the disk leaks out and touches against the adjacent spinal nerve.

The article will shed light on the cervical ...

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BPS 1: Herniated Disc Pain — Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment…

A herniated disc is one of the common causes of neck and back pains. The term refers to issues with the spinal disc. Different terms may be used to refer to a herniated disk such as a bulging disc, pinched nerve, ruptured disc, slipped disc, and disc protrusion.

So, how does a herniated di ...

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